Your Truck Carpet’s Best Friend: WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners

How many times a day does your truck floor take on dirt, water, or a combination of both?

 If the carpet of your Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado is becoming a habitat for mud, grime, spills, and other hazards, it may be time to consider a set of WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners

Looking to muscle up your protection over the standard floor mat? WeatherTech has you covered. 


The magic of the WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners lies within the DigitalFit system, featuring high-powering technology that gives you a vehicle-specific fit offering maximum protection against anything you track into the cab, as well as any additional stains, drips, and/or spills.

The DigitalFit system was developed and designed by engineers at MacNeil Automotive to create the most advanced floor protection the industry has to offer.

The goal is to create ‘absolute interior protection’ for your carpet. Your vehicle-specific floor liner fits perfectly snug every time, allowing an unparalleled, impenetrable shield against tracked in mud, spilled drinks, and even leaked oils or other substances.

The High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) construction of the floor mat allows for a firm core, creating strength while adding friction to the carpet. Fluids and debris are easily channeled to a lower reservoir to minimize shifting and eliminate spillage over the edges while driving. This also caters to easy removal once it’s time to park your GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, RAM, or other favorite truck.

The rear DigitalFit comes in either a one or two-piece mat that depends on the vehicle application.

Not only does the WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liner promote a cleaner interior, but it also creates an eventual return on investment, as a virtually spotless can amp up the resale value of your truck.

Whether you are a farmer, rancher, construction professional, or just simply love driving a pickup, WeatherTech guarantees its Extreme Duty Floor Liners will be wear resistant, flexible in frigid temps, and cover your front and rear floors like no other liner or mat can.

Which floor liner is the best for my truck? We can help

At SharpTruck, we know your pickup is your pride and joy. Keeping your interior carpet clean and stain-free can be easily done with the right custom liner. If you have questions about which option is the optimal fit for your truck, reach our customer service experts at (800) 218-0609 or email,

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