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Protect your truck from road hazards, brush and wild animals with a grille guard, bull bar, brush guard or custom bumper from SharpTruck. You never know what kind of obstacles that you may encounter when out on the road but our hard-nosed truck products feature the most tried and tested brands on the road, including Dee Zee, Go Rhino, Ranch Hand, and Westin. Grille guards, brush guards and bull bars give your pickup truck or SUV a tough personality and create an added layer of protection for your front end.

Why should you buy a grille guard or heavy-duty bumper for your truck?

Whether you use your truck for work or for play, protecting your front end is essential to maintain the look and value of your vehicle. Grille guards & heavy-duty bumpers not only give you a more aggressive look on the road, they protect your truck when you are faced with emerging obstacles during your off-road adventures. Animals, debris, and even other vehicles can create hazards along your way. We carry products that provide a hard-nosed, high-quality, custom fit on your Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra or whatever truck you drive. Adding these aftermarket accessories will help to keep you on the road if you happen to run into a deer or something else. An accident to the front end of your truck can damage your radiator or worse and leave you stranded miles away from the nearest town, putting a stop to your trip.

What is a bull bar or push bar?

A bull bar or push bar is an aftermarket product that is designed to protect the front end of your truck or SUV from minor collisions. The size and shape vary greatly but they are usually made of welded steel or aluminum tubing. Bull bars protect your front end to a lesser degree than grille guards, but add to the rugged look of your truck.  Many people also choose to mount off-road lights and some bull bars, like the Lund LED Bull Bar, have a built in LED light bar to help cut through the dark trails at night.

What is a grille guard?

Like a bull bar or push bar, a grille guard is designed to protect the front end of your truck or SUV. A grille guard will cover and protect a larger area than a bull bar or push bar. Most grille guards are made of steel and available in stainless, chrome, or black, giving you multiple options for bringing extra attitude to your vehicle.  Grill guards often have brush guards built into them that wrap around the front corners of your truck protecting your headlights and giving your truck more protection from damage.

What is the advantage of a replacement bumper?

If you are looking for the ultimate in heavy-duty protection front end protection for your truck, the toughest product on the market is a Ranch Hand replacement bumper. Made of welded steel and ready to frame mount, the Ranch Hand is custom made to give your truck a perfect fit and provide full front end protection. These bumpers require full removal of your factory bumper and bolt onto the frame providing the best upgrade protection around. You will often see these types of bumpers on service trucks that are used out in the field.

Which one is right for you? That all depends if you are looking for improving the look of your truck or if you need serious protection for work or play. Westins HDX series of grill guards offer the best combination of stainless steel look and additional comfort that your truck will be protected from minor accidents and obstacles.