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Floor Mats & Floor Liners

Floor Mats & Floor Liners

One main component that people tend to overlook in their vehicles is the carpet protection. Most cars and trucks come with standard carpeted floor mats that provide minimal protection to your vehicle. Chances are that those OEM floor mats are now beginning to get worn, stained or just plain dirty. Upgrade to a heavy duty set of floor mats or floor liners here at

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When we look at the interiors of the cars, it is quite possible that we may often miss out on the importance of having the right floor mats & cargo mats. This is because we might pay more attention to the windows, doors, seats, the dashboard, the sound system, the air conditioning system just to name a few.

However, we have to bear in mind that the lower portion of the vehicles takes lot of strain and stress and therefore it is important to have the right kind of matting and padding. It is quite normal for a car to attract quite a bit of mud, slush, water and dirt on a daily basis. The muck will not do any good for the car and its interiors to say the least. Apart from damaging the foot bed of the car, it could also be the breeding ground for bacteria, microorganisms and could cause health problems. Hence it is important to ensure that you spend time on this important aspect and look at brands like Aries and Wade so that you are able to get good value for money. You will also be increasing the life and durability of the interior of the car with this. We will have a look at the various points to be kept in mind when it comes to identifying the cargo mats & liners and other such related materials.

How to Choose The Right Floor Mat

When choosing floor mats, the main objective for which they are being used should always be kept in mind. The main objective of these mats should be to cater to the demand of play and work. They should be made from tough and durable materials. They should have slightly raised surrounds. This could help a lot to corral dirt and also sludge and liquid. You could also look for mats with groove or honeycombs. They could help to keep dirt and debris under control. It should be easy to clean the accumulated and embedded dirt with the help of power hose and water washing. It should also be able to withstand cleaning detergents. However, the onus lies on the end users to ensure that the detergents being used are safe, effective and they do not damage the mats.

What is the Difference Between Floor Mats And Floor Liners

While the end use of cargo mats & liners might be the same, there are some obvious differences which you must be aware as a customer. Their main role is to protect the car carpets from the elements of nature. They perform the role of creating a barrier and this helps prevent dirt and water from penetrating into the flooring of your SUV, truck or car. What makes them different is the way they are able to get fixed on the floor, especially when on the move. Floor mats are generally available in customized forms for your Chevy Silverado, Ford F-Series truck, Dodge RAM, Toyota Tundra, or whatever you prefer to take to the highway. Though they usually come in ready to use variants, it is possible to trim them to suit specific needs and requirements. On the other hand when one choose floor liners they usually have to opt for something that is readymade and are made to suit specific model and make of the vehicle. They will be able to perhaps provide much better protection when compared to floor mats.

Things To Consider When Buying Floor Mats And Cargo Mats

Will they be able to protect the flooring against tough stains which could negatively impact the appearance and value of your vehicle? This is an important point to be taken into account when it comes to buying these cargo mats, liners and other such allied items.

Carpet staining could be disastrous and with the help of these protective elements, you can prevent spilt sodas and other toxic liquids from entering into carpets.

They can provide round the clock and full year protection against any type of weather condition. Hence this aspect should be taken into account when it comes to buying these mats and liners.

When one looks at mats available from SharpTruck, they pay a lot of attention to mats and liners which are able to efficiently trap mud, road salt, water and sand. This is perhaps the reason they place lot of trust and confidence in brands like WeatherTech for their their truck, SUV, or car.

When one chooses custom-designed mats and liners over readymade ones, there are a few obvious advantages which cannot be ignored. The biggest advantage is that they cover the entire foot bed without impacting the foot controls in any manner. When you opt for branded mats as mentioned above, you will be able to get the perfect fit and finish. This cannot be matched by the low grade, cookie cutter mats which perhaps might be available at much lower prices.

Foot friction can cause damage to carpets and flooring especially when it happens over a period of time. Therefore when buying the mats you must ensure that they can withstand constant friction.

It also is important to keep in mind the different types of weather conditions that one will have to come across in different regions. Hence you must as a customer, spend some time choosing mats which will work well in the respective weather condition. For example a particular type of mat and liner might be useful in North but it may not work exactly well in deep south or west. Therefore taking expert feedback and then deciding on the right type of floor mats and liners is extremely important.

Finally, the material that goes behind making of floor mats and floor liners is also important. Though there could be other materials which could be used, rubber without any doubt is the most commonly used material. This is because it is tough, long lasting and durable and even if rough cleaning is required it can easily withstand the stress and strain associated with it. In fine, when it comes to buying these mats and liners, looking up some reputed online sites and then deciding is also important. While brick and mortar stores are fine, for variety and price advantage, online stores is always a better option.

It's time to win the daily battle against spills, mud, salt and dirt in your vehicle's interior. SharpTruck has floor mats to preserve the original carpet in your car or truck. Your spotless driving experience begins at SharpTruck with BedRug, Dee Zee, Husky, and WeatherTech floor mats to protect your floor with every step in and out of your car or truck.

What is the difference between Floor Liners and Floor Mats?

Floor mats and floor liners accomplish the same purpose for your vehicle... they protect your carpet from the elements. Floor mats and floor liners create a barrier to keep water and dirt from penetrating into the floor of your truck or SUV. The main difference is how each fits to the floor of your ride. Floor mats are available in custom fits, but are generally universal that can be trimmed to fit your application. Liners, on the other hand, are custom designed to hug every contour of the specific make and model of your vehicle, providing unparalleled protection.

Floor mats are generally the less expensive option. They accentuate the look of your vehicle and feel soft on your hard-working feet.

Floor liners are designed to handle the elements and shield your floor from mud, rain, and snow. They are also built to withstand gasoline and other chemicals that occasionally make their way into your truck. The protection and coverage you get from floor liners can't be beat, especially if you're looking to preserve your vehicle's resale value.

Whether you drive a Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, or a Dodge Ram, cleaning unwanted debris from your truck of choice is made easy with SharpTruck floor mats and floor liners.

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