Gatorback Warranty Claim


Gatorback Mud Flaps have a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the rubber (e.g. tear offs) for the lifetime of the product to the original owner. It does not cover damage caused by abuse, vehicle accidents or other instances outside of normal driving, regular wear and tear on brackets, plates, or mounting hardware. The plate on the mud flap can be transferred to the replacement rubber flap. If the plate on the was damaged during a tear off, replacements may be purchased separately.


Stainless steel products are warrantied against manufacturer defects. Truck Hardware does not warranty damage, surface corrosion, or rust caused by abuse or improper care.
Without regular care, stainless steel can sometimes develop stains or minor surface corrosion when exposed to certain conditions. See how to clean your plates here.


Powder coated & anodized finishes are warrantied against manufacturer defects only. Truck Hardware does not warranty powder coated & anodized products against damage caused by abuse, or regular wear and tear, including damage caused by road debris.



1- Take a picture of the damaged mud flap

Take a picture of the flap - the picture may be like the example below or showing the remaining flap on the inside of the wheel well

2- Email picture to [email protected]

Include picture

Full name

Shipping address

Proof of Purchase (Reciept, invoice or order confirmation from retailer the flaps were purchased from)

Location of damaged flap on the vehicle (ex-Drivers Front, Drivers Rear, Pass Front, Pass Rear)

3- If plate is damaged - purchase a replacement plate

The plates that are attached to the mud flaps aren't covered by warranty if damaged in a tear off

If the plate is no longer usable, purchase the plate required below-




Truck Hardware Gatorback Chevy/GMC Replacement Plate

Truck Hardware Gatorback RAM Replacement Plate

Truck Hardware Gatorback Universal Replacement Plate

Truck Hardware Gatorback Ford Replacement Plate

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