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Grille Guards

Grille Guards

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Grille guards from Aries and Westin are sought-after front-end vehicle accessories as they offer the rare combination of considerably improving your vehicle's look and adding valuable protection against damage on off-road paths, on-job sites and other difficult situations.

Grille guards are specially designed to improve protection and appearance of your truck or SUV, and they are extremely successful at both. While some choose to add them to their vehicle primarily for aesthetic purpose, others who do a lot of off-road travelling, find them an indispensable accessory to have. There are a plethora of different styles of guards because Jeep, 4x4 and other SUV vehicles come in different sizes and shapes. That is why it is imperative to choose a grille guard specifically made for your model such as, Ford F150, Dodge RAM, GMC Yukon, GMC Sierra, GMC Denali, Toyota Tundra or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Benefits of a Grille Guard

A grille guard is an extremely imperative accessory for your vehicle as it contours around your vehicle to offer extra protection to your vehicle's important engine parts, paint and headlights. A small bump into the vehicle's foreign object can become a costly repair if an integral organ such as the radiator is completely damaged. Such guards offer a simple impediment against wayward shopping carts or can transcend in off-road situations by averting brush away allowing you to easily pass through the terrain. Some of the other major benefits include:

  • Rugged Appearance: If you desire your vehicle's front end to have a rugged and rough appearance, black grille guards are certainly the best way to go. They draft the contours perfectly well, making the front end appear like no other. Although chrome and stainless steel brush grille guards also offer a rough appearance, but black one's do it the best.
  • Specific Fit: If you are concerned that you won't find a guard to fit your SUV or truck, have absolutely no fear! These amplified guards are formulated vehicle specific, and will fit your model and make with precision. In addition to this, they are equipped with proper pre-drilled holes, offering you the option to mount driving lights. This is truly a wonderful concept- a product that fits perfectly well with an easy installation, and is also fabricated for light mounting.
  • Additional Safety: The black brush grille guards are specially designed to absorb any type of pressure upon impact. For instance, if you ever hit an animal cruising down the freeway, your front end will not get demolished, and instead the animal will be thrown to the ground. So now you do not have to put thousands of dollars into your vehicle's front end each year- just get your vehicle a black grille guard and see for yourself!

Installing a Grille Guard

One of the best things about these devices is even though they appear wonderful, and keep their high strength for a long time, it only takes a relatively short time to install them. So here is a step by step guide for your standard grille guard:

To begin with, you need to install all the lower brackets for the guard piece. Usually, lower brackets are all that is required on pieces like, bumper guards, push bars, or bull bars. These brackets are specially designed to mount onto various holes that are pre-drilled into your vehicle.

Next, bolt the brackets onto the guard, keeping them hand-tight. Hold the guard over the middle of the bumper, while a partner marks where all the brackets are on the bumper cover. With the help of a die grinder and cutting wheel, cut away all the marked plastic, and test the fit to trim more if required.

In case your vehicle's frame does not have pre-drilled holes, you must mark and drill the holes and install the nuts. Now bolt the topmost mounting brackets to the radiator's main support, through the grille. Once everything is in place, wrench all these bolts properly.

A Primer to Aries and Westin Grille Guards

Aries Grille Guard: It is specially designed to protect the front of your SUV or truck from damage, and also to accentuate the appearance of the vehicle. It is made up of heavy duty materials that ensure long lasting durability. In addition to this, it facilitates easy and quick installation, and is black powder-coated and corrosion resistant.

Aries Pro Series Grille Guard: It certainly protects and accentuates the front end of your vehicle, and come with a middle black mesh cover plate, in order to mount up to 30 inches LED light bars. It adds style to your LED's and protect them from thefts.

Westin HDX Front Bumper: This is a solid one-piece formulation for real heavy duty capability. It features an application specific carved design and seamless soldered bends that are coated with a black finish. It protects your vehicle's back end from damage and also provides your truck a complete new look.

Westin HDX Heavy Duty Grille Guard: It is for full size SUV cars like Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, and heavy duty trucks as it offers maximum protection and great rugged appearance to your vehicle. Their rubber pads are complete wrap-around headlights guard that offer extra protection.

Westin HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard: It has all the features of an HDX grille guard, along with an extra capability to hold a clamp of 10.25 inches with a rating of 12000 lbs. It is specially designed for enthusiasts that seek extra functionality for their vehicle.

Westin Pit Bar Elite: Specially designed to bolt directly to an EliteXD for the best maneuver possible. In addition to this, It features heavy duty gauge that reinforces brackets for maximum strength.

Westin Pit Bar EliteXD: It is specially designed for vehicles to offer a clean finished look. All its exposed fasteners are totally black plated stainless that offer immense protection against rust.

Westin Sportsman Grille Guard: It comes well equipped with removable headlight area bars and driving light mounting holes for easy vehicle light maintenance.

Westin Sportsman Winch Mount Grille Guard: This is simply more than a grille guard. It comes with a winch mounting tray, which is compatible with Westin's amazing MAX system for use with a Sportsman Grille Guard.

These durable grille guards can certainly help keep your truck and SUV models such as GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM, Toyota Tundra, or Ford F-150 safe by protecting them from everyday damage. So choose your Aries or Westin accessories from SharpTruck and give your vehicle ultimate protection along with excellent appearance!

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