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Polishes & Compounds

Polishes & Compounds

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Give your vehicle the love it deserves. Shine, polish, wash, and detail your truck or SUV to give it a simply captivating appearance! Yes, your four-wheeled source of pride also needs a bath to get rid of all the road grime, salt and dirt that has built up over time. Polishing is the key to accomplishing wonderful car care results, and this is often skipped by many car care aficionados as they do not completely understand what polishing does, or may be they are not confident enough to do it themselves. They may also think it requires various equipment that they do not have. And as a result, many drivers are left displeased with the appearance of their paint.

Auto Detailing

There is absolutely no better feeling than getting into a brand new vehicle. With its new shiny exterior, clean interior and good smell, you may rather feel spoiled. After a vehicle is driven for even a couple of days, the new vehicle look and smell goes away quickly. While you cannot bring your truck or SUV back to brand new, you can certainly make it shiny and clean again. And that is why auto detailing is a wonderful way to get you back to "virtually" brand new again.

Frequent auto detailing is also important as it not only makes your vehicle appear nicer, it makes it more comfortable too. During the detailing process, the vehicle will be waxed, which will not only make the vehicle appear nicer, but also provide the vehicle with paint protection. So, whenever you drive on a gravel street, you will know that your truck or SUV is protected from dents and chips. Also, nobody likes to sit in a dirty vehicle, and auto detailing is a wonderful way to ensure that your vehicle is comfortable and clean. An interior vehicle detailing will also leave it smelling wonderful, while looking its best.

Cutting Compounds

Cutting compounds are the most tough type of polishes on the market and are mainly used to correct paint defects like deep scratches and severe swirl marks. They help to replenish neglected and dull paint back to a good condition. Many modern compounds consist of fine evenly-sized caustic particles that break down slowly during the polishing process. The benefit of this type of technology is that you can now go from compounding to administering protection without the requirement for an interrupting polishing step with a smoother finishing polish. In dark colored vehicles where smoother polishing step is still needed, the amount of extra polishing needed is significantly minimised, saving effort and time.

How Do Polishes and Compound Products Make Work?

Unlike coatings and car wax, which act as an armor designed to take the environmental abuse so that the paint surface below does not have to, polishes are the true labor force in the entire process of accentuating appearance and paintwork care maintenance. In addition to this, polishes maintain and make the life of paint longer by removing dirt and dust and stains too stubborn for general cleaning and washing. Furthermore, it removes oxidized paint, smoothens out swirl marks and surface scratches, and conditions the paintwork so that it does not crack, dry and peel. And knowing this, it is quite easy to see why polishes must be given considerable consideration as an imperative part of your overall vehicle maintenance. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Paint Health: Proper cleaning, waxing and polishing extends the life of your vehicle's paint. The paint shields the metal beneath. If allowed to degrade, corrosion and rust can wreck havoc on your vehicle with devastating outcomes.
  • Improved Lighting Ability: Even mild deposits of grime and dirt on the lights can cause huge reductions of available light. Proper detailing certainly makes your taillights and headlights clean and free of any damage.
  • Interior Condition: By regularly cleaning and properly detailing the interiors of your vehicle, you can protect surfaces from fading away, get rid of bad odours, and help prevent discoloration and cracking of dash panels.
  • Tires And Wheels: Brake dust, solvents, oil and other chemicals encountered during driving can lead to negative effects on the tires and wheels of trucks and SUV's such as Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, or GMC Sierra. By properly detailing them, you can mitigate the risks of cracking in their sidewalls, or breakdown of the tires due to corrosion.

Need a quick primer on the products SharpTruck has to offer? Read more here…

Auto Magic Body Shine: It removes fingerprints, smudges, dirt and buffing residue from all vinyl trim, paint finishes, glass and chrome.

Auto Magic XP Polish: It is a quick-cutting compound that removes acid rain spots, car wash scratches and heavy oxidation. It is safe for use on traditional paint and clear coat finishes.

Auto Scrub Fine Grade MicroFiber Towel - Clay Bar Alternative: It safely removes surface contaminates, brake dust and other pollutants.

Nanoskin AutoScrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt: An easy and prompt way to get rid of above surface contaminants on your automotive finishes.

Nanoskin AutoScrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt And Body Shine Combo: This is the lubricant and mitt required to make sure that you are ready to pull any contaminants from the clear coat giving your vehicle a professional shine.

Nanoskin AutoScrub Medium Grade Wash Mitt: This works fast and accomplishes professional results with the latest rubber polymer technology. It easily removes water spots, bonded surface contaminants, rail dust and fresh tree sap.

Auto Magic Foam Finish Glaze: This is a low-dusting and fast-working glaze that removes swirl marks on all kinds of paint finishes.

Auto Magic GS-1 Polish: It is specially formulated to produce dry, shiny and clean vehicle each time.

Auto Magic Lubri-Shine: This is a silicone-free cleaner and lubricant formulated for quick removal of refinishing residues and compound dust.

Auto Magic New Car Glaze: Looking for a dependable finishing polish? This is specially designed to remove minor paint imperfections and fill surface scratches.

Auto Magic XP Compound: Depend on this professional formulation to remove heavy-to-moderate surface imperfections.

Auto Magic XP Swirl Remover: Look no further than this produc to flatten out swirls left from using different wool pads.

With these handy products, your next cruise in your Ford F150, Dodge RAM, Chevy Silverado, GMC Yukon, GMC Sierra, GMC Denali, Toyota Tundra, or Jeep can smell and look good as new in no time!

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