Timbren SES Bump Stops - Rear Kit

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  • Eliminate Vehicle Squatting & Sagging
  • Cushion Road Shocks
  • Improve Handling
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Timbren Suspension Kits (SES Kits) are designed to enhance the suspension of your vehicle. Easiest to use: Rubber cushions absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions. Easiest to maintain: There are no airlines or fittings to allow leaks. Simply bolt the kit on and you are set for a lifetime of trouble free suspension.Easiest to install: There are no holes to drill, no airlines to route and SES Kits can be installed in a matter of minutes using basic hand tools. The softer ride quality of todays trucks and the mediocre suspensions found on most trailers can cause excessive trailer sway, instability and suspension settling.Timbrens high performance suspension packages will ensure added safety and peace of mind.

Length13 inch(es)
Width13 inch(es)
Height7 inch(es)
Weight98 lb(s)

  • 2024 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2023 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2023 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2022 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2022 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2021 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2021 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2020 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2020 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2019 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2019 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2018 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2018 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2017 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2017 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2016 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2016 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2015 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2015 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2014 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2014 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2013 Freightliner 114SD
  • 2013 Freightliner 122SD
  • 2012 Freightliner 114SD
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