Truck Hardware Gatorback Lifted Truck Mud Flaps

$42.00 - $622.00
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  • Oversized mud flaps for lifted trucks
  • Officially licensed logos from Ford, Chevy, GMC & RAM
  • Kick-back brackets for additional tire clearance
  • Modification & drilling may be required for installation
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Universal Offset Bracket Installation

We did this install on a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500

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Not as good as expected
I bought these for my 2019 F350 and paid about $450 for front and back. I have a few complaints. First of all they don't seem to be powder coated as advertised. The paint scratches very easily and flakes right off. If they are powder coated they weren't prepped correctly. I build hot rods for a living so I know what good powder coating is. Second issue is the hardware they give you to attach the flap to the bracket. In the instructions it says to use the cap screws and hex nuts. Their are no nuts and the screws barely stick through the paper thin backside plate. It looks like they decided to save a few bucks and just have the screw attach to the plate. That would have lasted about 2 minutes driving down the road. I bought longer screws and lock nuts. This is the way it should have been done. Supposed to be one of the best flaps on the market. Not with inferior hardware. Third issue is I bought the all black flaps and they sent shiny silver screws to attach to the truck. The flaps could have almost disappeared if it wasn't for the bling bling screws.  Overall now that they are on the truck they should do the job. Time will tell how long the mud flaps last. Pretty disappointed for the price.
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Thank you for the information on the brackets. You were right to think these are the best and Truck Hardware will stand by the brackets. With your brackets pealing, we can get you squared away with that. When it was applied there could have been some issues, but we work closely with Truck Hardware and we can get you a replacement set of brackets.

As for the hardware, it looks like a few pieces might have been missed in packing. Those are all done by hand.

Give us a call at 800-218-0609 and we can get you squared away and make sure you are happy with everything.


The quality of these mud flaps exceeded all of my expectations.  I have no doubt that they will last the life of my truck.  They look outstanding and function even better.  I am running 37’s now with 12 inches of lift but will soon be riding on 38-40’s.  I have no concern about the clearance.  Great product.
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Happy with Mud Flaps
Installed mud flaps they look great and stop all the throw back water and mud from getting on truck.
Only negative thing I have to say is the screws they sent to hold the flap to the bracket. They are so small so I replaced them with 1/4" ss bolts with locknuts. They are heavy duty flaps.
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Great and very strong
Everything was really durable just had a minor set back one came in brushed but was supposed to be Crome but getting that fixed.
Very thick material should hold up to anything
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2022 gmc sierra 3500 hd duramax
I am very impressed with these mudflaps.the chrome mounting brackets make for a very nice shine on a color truck.and the mudflaps are
super nice too,since they are longer than needed and can get cut to desired lenght
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I would recommend the universal offset brackets. If you do not have oversized tires and factory flapres the 12" offset bracket should be enough for you.
Verified Answer
Admin answered on 2/11/2018
If the tires stick out passed the wheel well you will want to go with the 14" flaps and offset brackets. If the tires do not extend passed the wheel well you will be just fine with the 12" wide offset brackets and full style 12" wide flaps
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Admin answered on 6/28/2018
For this you would need to go with the 14" flaps and brackets. This will give you an offset so the tires do not rub on the flap and it will also give you protection outside the wheel well. The brackets will install on the lip of the fender with self tapping screws and you will be able to take the 18" long flaps and trim them to the desired length.
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Admin answered on 8/5/2018
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These oversized Gatorback Mud Flaps are designed to fit perfectly into the front or rear wheel wells of lifted full-sized trucks with larger wheels and tires. Gatorback mudflaps feature premium quality heavy-duty rubber to offer the best protection for the finish of your truck. These mud guards are an essential accessory for your truck, you'll never regret adding these exceptional flaps to your jacked up Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram or Ford Truck.

Nothing on the market compares to these mud flaps! Made with 1/2" thick premium virgin rubber and finished off with stainless steel plates and logos that match your truck. These mud flaps are built to impress while they protect your pickup truck. The quality weight of the rubber ensures that no rocks, dirt or debris will get passed these flaps. Officially licensed by General Motors, Ford & MOPAR; these mud guards feature a custom look that stands out with that big lift kit you have!

Installation is universal for most trucks with the 1 1/2" offset brackets made for these 14" wide mud guards. The brackets add support to the Gatorback Mud Flaps and also create a mounting surface to attach them to your truck. The length that these flaps hang down is adjustable, simply cut the rubber flap horizontally accross at the desired length and attach to the universal mounting brackets. The brackets are available in either a Black Powdercoat or Stainless finish. We know your truck isn't stock, so don't buy a stock set of mud flaps... these Gatorback Mud Flaps are the best protection available for lifted pickup trucks.

Available Mud Flap Sizes & Applications-

14"x18" Mud Flaps - These mud flaps are 14" wide for additional coverage of oversized tires. The overall height of the rubber flap is 18" from top to bottom and must be mounted to brackets. You can adjust the length of these flaps by cutting them off horizontally at the desired length and then affixing them to the mounting brackets.

Manufacture Warranty-

Gatorback mudflaps are backed by a Limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers rubber replacement (ex- tear offs) for the lifetime of the product to the original owner. It does not cover damage caused by abuse, or regular wear and tear on brackets, plates, or mounting hardware.

These Gatorback Mud Flaps for Lifted Trucks are manufactured in Canada by Truck Hardware and are now available in the United States here at!

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