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Toyota Tacoma Auto Detailing Supplies

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At SharpTruck, we love our vehicles as much as you... that's why we carry the best auto detailing supplies in the business! We have the products to keep that shine on the outside (wax, cleaners, polish & protectants) and that new car look and smell on the interior (upholstery cleaner, dash cleaner & more). Don't let Mother Nature take a toll on your car or truck! Restore and Protect it with these products from AutoMagic and other top brands!  Our car detailing supplies will keep your car or truck looking as good as the day it left the showroom floor and also add a layer of protection from harsh elements and the sun.  Interior specific cleaners will keep your leather and upholstry free of stains and our high-quality exterior car waxes, sealants, cleaners and dressings add that finishing shine to your ride.

Why should you choose Auto Magic products from

At SharpTruck, we know there's nothing like a clean, shiny ride. Auto Magic products are known in the professional car wash and auto detailing industry as the premium leader of reconditioning products for 50 years. Auto Magic products are made from the highest quality materials, produce incredible results, and are user-friendly. If you give these top-of-the-line products a try, you won't be disappointed. Keep that new car shine on your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC, or whatever vehicle you depend on to get you through each day.  Many people know that they need car wax or polish, but does the quailty of those products really matter? Absolutely!  We only offer products to you that the top professional detailers in the business use to restore the luster to your vehicle.

What do degreasers do?

When you're out on the highway, it's inevitable your vehicle's exterior will encounter grease, oil, or other water-insoluble substances. Just one stop at the gas pump or a drive through a construction zone can be enough to leave a mark or stain. Degreasers are a chemical product that dissolve these nuisances from surfaces of your vehicle. Most heavy-duty degreasers are made from hydrocarbon solvents such as kerosene and xylene.  Using a high-quality degreaser helps to safely remove the contaminants that are on the surface of your vehicle without causing additional damage to the finish.  Degreasers are usually concentrated and must be mixed with water to reach the proper dilution to work effectively.

What does car wax do?

Car wax is a substance that is applied to a vehicle's exterior. It is then allowed to dry before being wiped off, creating a protective layer on the vehicle. Using car wax on a regular basis will help to extend the life of a car and give an appearance worthy of the showroom floor. Wax can also protect your vehicle from dirt, road salt during inclement weather, and helps prevent rust. Car wax is one of the most searched for items that owners look for when detailing their vehicles. A good coat of car wax or paint sealant will keep the surface of your paint protected and cause water to bead up off of the surface of your car and allow contaminants to more easily be cleaned away.

What is automotive dressing or tire dressing?

Detailing shops and auto enthusiasts use dressing regularly to protect and 'dress up' your vehicle. Dressing is a product applied to tires or vinyl surfaces to make them look shiny, clean and new. This is typically done before buffing, polishing, and waxing. Shield your rubber moldings, plastic door handles, and windshield wiper arms from buffing residue, which ultimately makes final clean-up a breeze. Owners think of Armor-All when they think of tire dressing, the auto dressings that we carry from Auto Magic go on clean and give your vehicle a lasting showroom shine. After the cleaning of your car is done, add the final finishing touch with an automotive dressing.

Since the inception of the pickup truck in the 1920s and 1930s, the technology has advanced greatly. Trucks can boldly go where pickups simply couldn’t back in those days. With bigger tires, more powerful engines, and handling that gets smoother year over year, these vehicles have evolved into something more powerful than Henry Ford himself could have ever envisioned. The pickup truck simply embodies strength, stability, and towing power in new and improved ways over time.

As pickup trucks evolve, one thing has always remained constant. Keeping them clean is a challenge. Dirt is dirt. Dust is dust. Mud is mud. Grime is grime. Food stains are food stains. You simply can’t avoid some of the perils that cause a truck to get dirty.

Anyone who drives a Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, RAM, Toyota, or Nissan knows the challenges of keeping the interior AND exterior tidy.

As a general rule, when you look good you feel good, and that goes for your truck, as well. At SharpTruck, our aim is to simply make you feel amazing every time you get behind the wheel, turn the ignition, and head down the road.

Keeping  a clean vehicle has never been easier. What are you looking for? Whether it’s a dressing, wax, sealant, soap degreaser, polish, air freshener, or detailing brush, we have the depth of inventory to make your next trip down the highway your shiniest, most head-turning journey yet.

A Clean Exterior in every Season

What are you most specific cleaning demands? It may change depending on what time of year it is.

Winter brings salt stains, sand residue, and remaining dirtiness from frost, sleet, or snow. Having a dependable, battle-tested, reputable exterior cleaning in your garage, ready to go, is a must.

Spring often creates newfound peril that accompanies melting snow and rain showers. Translation: Mud. Whether it’s excessive build-up or just a few splatters here and there, exterior-specific cleaning products from Auto Magic, Hi-Tech, and TechCare can restore the showroom shine. You may be looking to restore the jet-black appearance of tires or shine on those rims. Or perhaps it’s getting the chrome back on that bumper. Maybe you just want to see the detail of your grill again. Are your windows even transparent anymore? Dressings, sealants and waxes are available in bulk sizes or simple spray-bottle forms to take care of any short-term cleaning jobs or longer-term cleaning goals.

As summer arrives, so does the abundance of bugs. At SharpTruck, we supply you with the bug removal products that wipe the residue off even faster than it got there. Your grills, deflectors, bumper, and hood need a solution that has the strength to eliminate the nasty remnants and restore the shimmer, shine, and functionality of your vehicle. Professional soaps and cleaners eliminate the excessive caking and layering of nasty bug and insect residue.

The fall/autumn season brings unpredictability in the weather patterns. Will it be an early winter? What if there’s a cold snap and it never comes around?  What if ice and snow comes before I expect it? These considerations make it important to have the right cleaning product ready to go before it’s too late. Our fast shipping and quick fulfillment will ensure you get a good end-of-summer exterior cleaning product before it’s too late. It’s best to be prepared.

Cloths, Brushes, and Scrubbers to Ensure a Complete Interior and Exterior Clean-Up

Having the correct cleaning solution is important. However, these are only as good as the scrubbing tools you use alongside them. A high-quality well brush or surface brush is critical to creating a clean appearance without streaks and scratches to your Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra, GMC Denali or Yukon.

The interior upholstery, dash, windows, seat coverings, and floor require heavy-duty cloth, brush, and sponge options that get the job done without leaving permanent damage behind. Dusters, mitts, and towels are all important to doing the job. The experts at TechCare and Hi-Tech have created products that SharpTruck has grown to trust enough that we are excited to offer them on our website and get them into your hands.

And how can you have complete, streak-free awesomeness in your Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra, GMC Denali or Yukon truck without a good chamois? It’s impossible. A Hi-Tech Synthetic Chamois is one option we offer that you’ll reach for every time your calendar says it’s time for some quality interior maintenance.

Interior Clean with a Freshness that Lasts

When you open your door and take a step up into the cab of your truck or SUV, what kind of sights and smells ensue? If you have a dusty, dirty dash and are leaving behind the smell of whatever remains in your week-old drive thru bag, it’s time to reach for the Auto Magic, Hi-Tech, and TechCare products that keep your interior smelling and looking fresh.

Our goal is to help you keep it ALL clean. Your dash, steering wheel, carpets, mats, floors, radio or stereo facade, monitors, knobs, gauges, consoles, glove compartment (or cubby hole, whatever you prefer), locks, handles, manual window handles, automatic window buttons or switches, cup holders, drink holders, door containers, seat belts and buckles, upholstery, and every nook and cranny of your treasured truck matters to

This is why we work to supply all the cleaners, dressings, protectants, sealers, interior degreasers, compounds, air fresheners, and other interior cleaning products that cause your senses to tickle every time you drive. Do a favor for yourself and your passengers. Turn to the experts at SharpTruck to offer up interior cleaning products that take you to the next level of interior excellence.

There are lots of trucks out there. Whether you take the road with a Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Yukon, or Denali, we’ve got your interior and exterior covered. You might even be eyeing Dodge RAM, getting ready to make one of their diesel models the gem of your garage. Whatever you take to the road, whether you’re ½ ton, ¼ ton, or 1-ton type, we are passionate about helping you maintain a clean truck or SUV, no matter how dirty it gets.

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