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Toyota Tacoma Grilles, Bug Screens & Winter Fronts

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So, you've finally done it. You’ve bought that SUV or pickup truck you were eyeing for months. You've already taken it out for a few spins on the country roads. You've also scored admiring glances from onlookers as they see and hear your beautiful Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, Yukon at traffic lights. However, be warned, when summer is here, there are all sorts of bugs and insects may already be clogging your radiator. If you don't take precautions now, then one day the caking on your radiator can go as far as causing it overheat. Forget all those looks of truck envy. You'll be stranded by the side of the road for hours until help reaches you.

How can bugs adversely affect your truck or SUV?

The population of bugs rises during the summer months and it is not possible to avoid them while driving. Many of these bugs hit your vehicle's radiator, clogging it, as a result of which eventually your radiator won't be able to do what it is supposed to (i.e. cool your vehicle's engine in an efficient manner). These bugs prevent your engine from absorbing, transporting and dissipating the heat generated in it. The end result after some time? Breakdown as a result of an overheated engine.

Regular cleaning of your vehicle's radiator will ensure smooth functioning of the engine. However, it is a bit of a bugbear to clean the radiator after each trip that you make. In such cases, the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is definitely true because while cleaning the radiator after every trip may seem troublesome, it is definitely better than ending up with a breakdown by the side of the road.

How can you prevent bugs from damaging your radiator, without having to clean it after each trip? Our experts at offer the perfect solutions for you!

We stock industry-leading bug/insect screens which will help you protect the radiator of your vehicle from bugs and other debris like rocks, sticks, and stones. These screens are made of a fine mesh, which is especially effective in ensuring that bugs stay out and your radiator remains unclogged. What's more, the bug screens are easy to install and remove without damaging the vehicle. You don't need drills to install them, as they come with Stick-A-Stud fasteners which are easy to apply and can be removed without damaging your vehicle.

Some of the bug screens, that we stock, which will help you to protect your vehicle's radiator in the summer months are:

  1. Fia Custom Fit Bug Screen
    This bug screen is extremely useful in protecting your grille and radiator from bugs, rocks, pebbles, gravel, and other debris in summer. Made of heavy duty, tear resistant mesh, it is easy to install using Fia's no-drill installation system using it's patented Stick-A-Stud fasteners. These can be custom fit in most pickup trucks and SUV's and can be installed at home itself.
  2. Fia Universal Fit Bra Style Bug Screen
    This is a bra style screen which is made of tear-resistant mesh. It protects the radiator and front grill of most full size trucks and cars from bugs, debris and stone chips. This provides complete front-end protection for your SUV or truck. These are extremely quick and easy to install using Fia's fasteners.

Please note that even though a radiator screen ensures that your radiator does not get clogged, you still need to regularly clean the radiator screen to ensure smooth operation and proper cooling of the engine.

Winter Front and Bug Screen Combo

In severe cold weather conditions, your pickup truck's or SUV's engine may not perform efficiently. SharpTruck can help you maintain optimum engine temperature and provide protection from bugs. We stock winter front and bug screen combos which are useful in ensuring that your engine operates at optimal temperature during the cold season. These also help provide quicker engine warm-up and sufficient interior heat as well. Fuel economy is also improved with the use of this product. Easy and quick installation is possible by the use of Fia's Stick-A-Stud fasteners without needing any drills.

Some Winter Front and Bug Screen Combos that we can provide you with are:

  1. Fia Winter Front & Bug Screen Combo: 
    These are available in heavy-duty quilted material which can be used in all sorts of weather conditions. Especially useful in ensuring optimal operating temperature in the coldest of winters, these promote improved fuel economy and faster warm-up of the engine. The interchangeable bug screen is extremely useful in keeping bugs away from your vehicle's radiator, ensuring your engine runs smoothly throughout the year.

    The bug screen is tear-resistant and made up of heavy mesh, which protects your vehicle's grill as well as radiator from bugs and insects of all sorts. Fia's Stick-A-Stud system allows you to interchange the bug screen with the winter front. Coming with a 3M adhesive backed fastener, you can peel and subsequently stick it to the surface of your vehicle without any problem. This allows you to quickly snap-on either the bug screen or the winter front depending upon the conditions. No drilling is required for the installation of this product. This product is available for most SUV's and pickup trucks and is invaluable in ensuring the long life of your vehicle's engine. You can also expect better fuel economy of your vehicle if you use this product.

  2. Fia OTR Truck Winter Front and Bug Screen:
    These over the road (OTR) truck winter front and bug screens are extremely useful in protecting your truck's radiator and grill, both from extremely cold conditions as well as from bugs disrupting your radiator's cooling mechanism during summer months. The heavy-duty quilted vinyl winter front is flexible when the weather dips below zero, all the way down to -40 degrees in winter. It can be interchanged with the fiberglass bug screen to protect your vehicle's radiator from bugs. Installation is simple, using Fia's patented Stick-A-Stud fasteners, and can be done quickly without the need to drill holes in your truck.

Whether it’s a GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Dodge Ram/Ram Diesel, or Toyota Tundra, GMC Yukon or GMC Denali, it’s not just enough to buy your dream SUV or pickup truck. It's also essential that you protect your vehicle from indirect damage from bugs, stones, and debris and that's where we can help you.

Our passionate experts at SharpTruck are available to provide further details of any of our products. We are trained to guide you to the proper product for your beloved truck or SUV.

Don't let bugs or inclement weather slow you down by adding the protection of a bug screen, winter front or custom grille insert.  From simple installation to added protection, the inserts and covers protect your radiator from debris to keep your car, truck or SUV running at its peak performance.  We carry top-of-the-line products from Fia, Precision Design Manufacturing (PDM), Truck Hardware, Putco and more to add function and style while you protect your vehicle.

What does a Winter Front do?

When temperatures plunge from cold to downright bone-chilling, winter fronts are manufactured to provide better fuel economy and quicker warm-up time for your SUV or pickup truck's engine. For diesel engines, a good winter front is especially critical to keep your vehicle operating at optimum temperatures.  Winter fronts install over the grille of your truck.  Installation is easy by using either 3M automotive grade tape or custom clips to secure the grille cover into place.

What does a Bug Screen do?

Pesky bugs, stone chips, and debris can do a real number on your grille and radiator over time, especially if you often find yourself carving the back roads. SharpTruck carries dependable bug screens to keep your SUV or truck's front bug-free and protected from dings, dents, and chips.  Bugs can build up on your car, truck or SUVs radiator and may cause overheating in severe cases.  Bug screens are also easier to clean than trying to remove debris from the radiator.  Installation of these screens is generally the same as a winter front by use of 3M tape or mounting clip hardware that holds the bug screen to the grille.

Are Bug Screens and Winter Fronts interchangeable?

Our Fia Winter Front and Bug Screen Combo product features 'Stick a Stud' technology. This allows you to easily stay one step ahead of the conditions through a snap on/snap off interchange process. Better yet, the original installation of this product requires no drilling or tedious affixation... a convenient, durable solution for your Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, or whatever rugged ride you love most!  These interchangeable grille covers make protecting your vehicle easier through the changing seasons.  PDM manufactures stainless steel grill inserts for summer and winter that can also be easily removed without the need of drilling or modifying your truck.

What is a Grille Insert?

Grille inserts are the most popular way to protect your truck or SUV.  This style of grille cover has gained popularity since it adds to the look of your truck by using high quality materials like stainless steel.  Grille inserts are custom cut to fit your vehicle precisely and add protection from rocks, bugs and debris much like the traditional bug screens and winter fronts.  One of the best sellers from SharpTruck is the Summer Grille Inserts from PDM.  Inserts add an aftermarket look to your truck and are a breeze to install.  Most inserts are installed with custom clips that are inserted through the grille openings to attach the inserts to the truck.

Choosing the right bug screen, winter front or grille insert is easy if you know what look you desire.  Bug screens & winter fronts provide protection at a lower cost than inserts, but billet grille inserts made of stainless steel are built to last and will enhance the look of your truck.  Buy the one that you gravitate toward and you'll be happy.

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