Fia Custom Fit Winter Front & Bug Screen

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  • Includes Quilted Winter Front & Mesh Bug Screen
  • Winter Front
  • Promotes better fuel economy
  • Promotes faster engine warm-up and interior heat
  • Keeps diesel engines at optimum operating temperatures
  • All weather heavy-duty quilted vinyl
  • Adjustable air flow doors
  • Bug Screen
  • Interchanges with Winter Front in the summer
  • Protects radiator and grill from bugs and stones
  • Tear resistant heavy mesh screen
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Fia Winter Front & Bug Screen: What you get

When you buy a Fia Combo Kit you get a winter front for cold weather, and screen front for the summer

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From: David on September 8, 2015
The winter and summer covers are working great

Not impressed with the plastic snaps (truck side) combination of adhesive and plastic snap led me to replace with metal and screw to front of truck.
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From: Erin on November 17, 2017
Great cover!
Bought it for the winter cover and I'm impressed. Great quality. Easy install. Ordering and shipping was fast and easy. I'll definitely be ordering more products from
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From: Mike on December 20, 2016
Warm truck
My truck use to be cold while driving in the winter after installing the grill cover it's really warm while driving now and I got a bug and rock deflector
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From: Vincent on January 30, 2019
Fia Custom Fit Winter Front & Bug Screen
First of all I would to State the ordering and shipping was fast, no delays. Product was received when stated.
I have used this bug screen and bug deflector before on a 2012 Dodge Ram pickup and it worked great. So with that said when I purchased a newer Ram pickup, why change what works? I have and never had a problem with either of the bug fronts. The newer design has a cut out for the Ram emblem to be displayed proudly to all to see what your wheels are.

I had read some of the reviews and think they gave this product a bum report. Truthfully this product is designed just as the bug screens and winter fronts for the big semi trucks.
I will say this the stick on snaps will not stay on in hot or cold weather, they will come off. You could use the stick ons to find the position for the screw on snaps.
Here is what I found to put the bug screen in in about 40 minutes after you gather your tools. Gather a roll of painters tape, screwdriver, drill and the correct drill bit. You want the drill bit to be just a size smaller than the screws.
Now position the bug screen over the front with paying attention to the cutout for Ram pickup. I assume the manufacturer cut it out for Chevys and Fords also. Now just tape the bug screen on to the grill, hood lights, etc. Next place small amount of tape behind the bug screen which will now be on the grill. Push the snap back towards the grill and now the snap is resting on top of the tape which is on your grill. Next take a pencil, or something to scribe thru the screen, along side the outer snap to mark the outer edges. Now once you have it marked, pull the bug screen back to you and mark the center on the tape which is on the grill. Start with top cent. Next skip a snap on a side and do the second from center. Now jump to the top other side and do the same. After you have the top secured, go to the bottom and start at bottom center and proceed as with the top. Finally bgo around the screen and finish the snaps you jumped around doing. Kind of like torquing a motor head but not jumping around so much. After your finished try your winter front, it should fit. I always sprayed the back side of the snaps with some spray lube. They seem to work well.  Good luck
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From: cindy on January 10, 2018
Not happy
My husband installed the winter front shield as instructed (not using the sticky tape) and the first time I drive my truck it fell off somewhere. Now I’m out the money.
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It attaches using stick-a-stud snaps that use 3M adhesive tape.
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Admin answered on 1/1/2018
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Fia Front Grille Covers are 4-season ready with cold weather temp regulating panel and warm weather bug screen. Heavy-duty vinyl exterior and quilted underside keeps engine operating at precise temperatures during cold weather. Air flow doors cool engine and enhance fuel economy. Bug screen is crafted from tear resistant mesh screening. Easy to install with no drill "Stick A Stud" fasteners and snap on domes. Fia backs your grille cover with 1-year warranty

  • Bug Screen Is Tear Resistant Heavy Mesh Screen
  • Bug Screen Protects Grill And Radiator From Debris
  • Incl. Bug Screen To Interchange With Winter Front In The Summer
  • Promotes Better Fuel Economy
  • All Weather Heavy Duty Quilted Vinyl
  • Keeps Diesel Engines At Optimum Operating Temperatures
  • Promotes Faster Engine Warm Up And Interior Heat
  • Adjustable Air Flow Doors

Length20.38 inch(es)
Width8 inch(es)
Height19.25 inch(es)
Weight17 lb(s)
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