Jade Sapphire - PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic - 2 Year (60 mL)

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  • Designed for PPF film (protecting paint protection films), vinyl wraps, and other car surfaces
  • Self-cleaning properties repel water, dirt, and contaminants
  • Imparts the wrap with a deeper, richer color
  • Includes UV tracer technology illuminates under UV light so there is never a missed spot
  • Can be registered with Carfax to help maintain resale value of the vehicle
  • 2 year warranty guarantee with proper maintenance
  • 60 mL Bottle

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Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating has been meticulously formulated to provide optimum protection for both PPF and vinyl wraps. This product offers unmatched protection and enhances the appearance of your vehicle's paint protection film (PPF) and vinyl wraps. This innovative coating harnesses the power of nano-crystalline ceramic technology combined with a unique, lower-loading resin formula, ensuring that your wrap maintains a deeper, richer color without altering its original sheen or making it excessively glossy.

Jade Sapphire Ceramic Coating forms an ultra-hard, inert, and durable layer that is several microns thick. This protective shield safeguards your vehicle against weather, chemicals, physical abrasion, and UV rays. Its self-cleaning effect repels water, dirt, and other contaminants, keeping your car looking pristine with minimal effort.

To make the installation process a breeze, Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating incorporates a UV tracer in its formulation. This advanced feature allows you to see the applied product under UV light, ensuring complete, even coverage and preventing any missed spots. The seamless application process guarantees a flawless, professional finish every time.

Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating can be registered on Carfax, offering a significant advantage when it comes to your vehicle's resale value. By recording the application of this high-quality ceramic coating on your car's Carfax report, you demonstrate the care and protection you've invested in your vehicle, making it more appealing to potential buyers and increasing its resale value.

With proper maintenance, Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating comes with a 2-year warranty, showcasing the product's durability and long-lasting performance. This extended warranty reflects the manufacturer's confidence in the coating's ability to protect and enhance your vehicle's appearance over time.

In summary, Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating is a game-changing product that combines advanced ceramic coating technology, UV tracer for easy installation, Carfax registration for enhanced resale value, and a remarkable 2-year warranty. The exceptional protection and stunning visual results make it an ideal choice for professional car detailers and discerning car enthusiasts seeking the best care for their vehicles with PPF and vinyl wraps.

Invest in Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating to give your vehicle the protection it deserves and the outstanding appearance you desire. Experience the unmatched durability, exceptional shine, and the confidence that comes from using a product at the forefront of automotive protection technology.

Primary Use:

  • Protect paint protection films and vinyl wraps on automobiles. However, this versatile coating can also be applied to other car surfaces to provide additional protection and enhance their appearance with a deep, reflective shine.

Why Use This Over Other Products:

  1. Superior Protection: Jade Sapphire's nano-crystalline technology offers enhanced protection against weather, chemicals, physical abrasion, and UV rays, outperforming traditional waxes and sealants
  2. Self-Cleaning Effect: The self-cleaning properties repel water, dirt, and contaminants, making vehicle maintenance more manageable and reducing the frequency of washes
  3. Longevity: Once applied, Jade Sapphire's ceramic coating lasts up to two years or more, depending on maintenance and environmental conditions
  4. Unique Formula: Unique, lower-loading resin formula, preserves the original sheen and enhances the depth and richness of wrap colors. Where the others might make the wrap shiny and glossy.
  5. Enhanced Aesthetics: Jade Sapphire imparts a deep, reflective shine, improving your vehicle's overall appearance
  6. UV tracer technology: UV tracer illuminates under UV light so there is never a missed spot. The tracer dispates after application
  7. Easy Application: The step-by-step guide and UV tracer allows for a straightforward application process, even for first-time users

Product Longevity:

  • Jade Sapphire's ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection, with the potential to last up to two years or more when properly maintained

Directions for Use:

  1. Ensure surface is clean and all paint correction is complete before applying coating
  2. Use a surface prep spray like Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner to remove any oils or residues from polishing or claying
  3. Saturate a suede applicator or similar with numerous drops of material from the dripper bottle
  4. Apply the coating to a 3x3 ft area of the vehicle using a cross-hatch pattern with slight overlap to level the product
    • This is where the UV tracer earns it pay. Use a UV flashlight to ensure total coverage of the area
  5. Wait until it becomes tacky and then gently remove excess product using a clean suede cloth or low nap microfiber towel.
  6. Check with your finger to assess tackiness.
  7. Once it becomes tacky gently remove excess product using a clean suede cloth or low nap microfiber towel
  8. Do NOT allow coating to come in contact with water for 48 hours while curing - if it does, remove water promptly
    • Cure time is dependent on environmental conditions
    • The more humid the climate the longer the cure time
  9. Additional coats are not needed but if desired allow at least one hour between applications


  • Wash your vehicle with Jade Detox Shampoo every 3-4 months
  • Use Jade Relay once a month after washing. Monthly use of this product will make sure your coating lasts well beyond the 2 year lifetime

Finish and Residues:

  • Jade Sapphire leaves a smooth, glossy finish without residue, enhancing the vehicle's overall appearance. The coating adds depth and clarity, creating a mirror-like shine.

Best Practices

  • Test product on a small, inconspicuous area first to gauge cure time.
  • Use a black light to check for missed spots during the application process
  • Maintain the vehicle's surfaces with proper washing and drying techniques to prolong the lifespan of the ceramic coating
  • Use a high-quality surface preparation product for optimal bonding of the ceramic coating

Safety Information:

  • Wear gloves and eye protection while applying the product
  • Work in a well-ventilated area
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention

BrandJade Ceramics
Weight2 lb(s)
WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov
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