Auto Magic Quick Shine - 11oz Aerosol

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  • Quick Shine is a quick dressing for those hard to reach areas such as air conditioning vents, door trim, vinyl molding, etc
  • Also excellent on vinyl tops and tires.

From: on April 22, 2023
Quick shine
Easy to apply. Keeps your plastic molding shinning.
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From: on February 13, 2023
This quick shine is like you just buffed you ride
This quick shine is like you just buffed you ride
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From: on December 17, 2022
Works like magic!
Makes old faded black plastic look brand new easily.
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From: on May 12, 2020
Best Product out there!
Been using this stuff for 20 years and have not found a better product for detailing
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This does have a scent. Auto Magic lists it as a "fresh" scent
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Admin answered on 5/31/2022
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Auto Magic Quick Shine - 59-S is a fast-acting, professional-grade spray detailer that effortlessly cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle's paint, glass, and chrome surfaces. Its advanced formula quickly removes light dirt, dust, fingerprints, and water spots, leaving behind a high-gloss, streak-free finish. The easy-to-use spray-on, wipe-off application makes it an ideal choice for maintaining your vehicle's appearance between washes or as a final touch-up after a full detail.

Primary Uses:

  • Quick cleaning and shining of air conditioning vents, door trim, vinyl molding, vinyl tops and tires
  • Maintaining a high-gloss finish between washes or after detailing

Alternate Uses:

  • Cleaning and shining surfaces in boats, RVs, and other transportation vehicles
  • Use on home and office glass, chrome, and painted surfaces

Product Longevity:

  • Auto Magic Quick Shine - 59-S provides immediate results upon application, and its protective effects can last for several weeks, depending on usage, environmental factors, and proper maintenance.

Directions for Use:

  1. Ensure the surface is cool to the touch and not exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Shake the Auto Magic Quick Shine - 59-S bottle well before use.
  3. Test the product on an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility and desired results.
  4. Spray a light mist with even strokes of the product directly onto the surface, working on one panel at a time.
  5. No wiping necessary

Finish and Residues:

  • Auto Magic Quick Shine - 59-S leaves a high-gloss, streak-free finish on treated surfaces with no sticky or oily residues

Best Practices:

  • Avoid using the product on hot surfaces or under direct sunlight to prevent premature drying and streaking
  • Use Glass Cleaner to remove any product overspray
  • Always shake can before each use to ensure product sprays out evenly

Dilution Ratios:

  • Auto Magic Quick Shine - 59-S does not require dilution and should be used directly from the can

SCENT: Solvent

Safety Information:

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if necessary
  • Do not ingest. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting and seek medical advice immediately
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, eye protection) during application
  • Always read and follow the label instructions and safety information

BrandAuto Magic
Length3 inch(es)
Width3 inch(es)
Height12 inch(es)
Weight1 lb(s)
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