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  • Front set - includes one left/one right
  • Use with 12" wide flaps
  • No drilling into truck body required
  • Drilling through mud flaps is required for installation

Installation with GB759524

Putting Slots in the flaps

An easy step by step guide to putting slots in the flaps

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The mounting brackets are very solid and easy to install. However I'm not too happy with the plastic clips because it seems like the screws just keep turning even though I'm tightening it by hand. I wish they'd come with extra plastic clips
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Nice Final product 2016 F150
I like the final install result. Getting there was a little confusing to start with.
Install clarity prevents me from giving 5 stars
I am mechanically inclined and do most of my own wrenching on vehicles and motorcycles so between the printed instructions and the available videos I was able to piece the install together. Once I had the driver side for each done the passenger side went much quicker.
I also work at a site that produces powder coating so I used some black powder to coat the main components/brackets. I didn't want all the silver in my wheel wells since my truck is blacked out. I did not take the time to coat the screw and bolt heads. May touch those up later. :)

These are only my opinions as to the install of brackets and mud flaps. Your experience may be different.
1. The instructions for drilling the mud flaps are not really clear, in my opinion, as to which side to lay the template. The instructions say the "front" of the mud flap, but to me it is actually the BACK of the mud flap. I am saying this in regards to the final view of the mud flap upon mounting on the truck.
2. The install diagram is "busy" with all the lines, numbers, etc. shown all on one diagram/page. Breaking the diagram down into 2 or 3 diagrams/pages with less info would provide better clarity.
3. The parts list for the front brackets needs updated. The parts list stated there should be 2 more stainless washers than what is actually provided AND needed. I figured this out once I got the first one installed. Initially I thought I was shorted a couple of washers.
4. The install diagram shows (and printed directions simply say to put them in) putting in all the square white expansion nuts the same way. Yet in a couple of the online videos they clearly show putting some into the plate from the "back" side of the plates. I put all mine in per the instruction diagram and had one pull lose before I had all the flap screws tightened down. That is when I figured out why in the video they show inserting them the opposite way. Fortunately I was able to loosen a couple of bolts and turn that particular expansion nut around without having to completely disassemble. Hopefully the rest hold and I don't have to completely remove and switch several expansion nuts around. If inserting these from the other side is the "BEST" choice that should be clearly stated on the included instructions, not something a person might pick up on if they watch the videos.

All in all, I DO like the brackets. Another review mentioned the cost. I was a little put off by the cost when I first found these but am happy I got them. Because again, as another review stated, the mud flaps are heavy and I don't think I would trust simply attaching to the wheel well edge. Time will tell but I hope/think these were a good choice.
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Sturdy brackets
Great brackets, installation was easy.
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From: on January 22, 2020
Mud Flap Braces
Although based on the thickness of the mudflaps, you may think that they are sturdy enough to simply attach.   In some cases that may be true but I am glad that I made the investment for the extra support.    I can see how they will protect the integrity of the mud flap but I also see them as protecting them as protecting your wheel well and corrosion that they are exposed to.   The supports create a layer between the elements and your vehicle.
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2019 f150
Easy install and they look and work amazing just a bit pricey but they are made from very high quality materials
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Just loosen the nut on the impact bar and move it out of the way. This is done in the installation video. It happens quick and is easy to miss.
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Admin answered on 4/22/2019
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These brackets are a Ford authorized accessory. That gives you piece of mind that using this will not effect the warranty on the truck. These brackets are designed to be 100% no body drill so the paint and the aluminum body of the truck will stay intact. These brackets work with the cut style 12" wide mud flaps. They are a 100% aluminum construction and include all the hardware and fasteners needed to install your new Ford F-150 mud flaps. If you have the Lariat protection package with the liners there are two small cuts that need to be made to relieve the pressure on the bracket pressing against the inner liner.

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Brand Gatorback by Truck Hardware
Length 16 inch(es)
Width 4 inch(es)
Height 6 inch(es)
Weight 4 lb(s)
UPC 667511026419

  • 2020 Ford F-150
  • 2019 Ford F-150
  • 2018 Ford F-150
  • 2017 Ford F-150
  • 2016 Ford F-150
  • 2015 Ford F-150
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