Blog posts of '2015' 'May'

Pickup Bed and Cab sizes

Pickup cabs and cargo boxes come in different sizes and have many different names. Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram, whatever you drive, knowing the correct cab and bed type of your pickup can be confusing. Do you have a double cab, extended cab, or a king cab? Is your pickup bed a short box or perhaps a midbox?

The Hauler's Guide to Hitch Receivers

Are you looking to turn your vehicle into lean, mean hauling machine? If you need a versatile towing option for your vehicle, you’re likely in the market for a hitch receiver. First of all, a heads up: The versatility of the receiver can’t be enjoyed unless you’ve selected one that is built to handle your needs. So how do you know which hitch caters to your vehicle and typical load? Let’s unveil a few hints to get you hitched.

Truck Hardware Mud Flaps Are A Standout

If you tend to view mud flaps as a gaudy yet necessary evil, wait until you see the style and swagger of Truck Hardware’s Gatorback logo mud flaps. When you want your truck to stand out in a crowd, many standard mud flaps don’t exactly capture one's attention. Truck Hardware flips the script. Aesthetically, this mud flap’s magic is on display through a cold-formed 304 stainless steel plate, die-stamped with popular licensed logos from major pickup and SUV manufacturers like Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Ford, GMC, and Jeep.
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