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What are the AVS Aeroskin types?

The AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector is an easy to install hood shield that will help protect your truck from rock chips and other debris that can be thrown back at your truck. The AeroSkin is a low profile, contour hugging shield. This will protect your hood from rock chips, bugs, and other debris that might otherwise hit your hood. Here is a quick overview of how easy the Aeroskin is to install

There are 3 main finishes or styles to choose from with your AeroSkin

Matte Black

This is the newest style for the shield, it differs from the smoke finish in that it is not translucent and is more subtle than the smoke finishes have. This is perfect to match other black OEM accessories or if you are looking for a more muted look.


The name speaks for itself, AVS take a plastic shield and chromes it for a great high mirror finish that is second to none.


The classic shield finish, it has been around since shields were created. It is a semi-translucent finish and does not have the muted black of the matte black finish.

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