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Compare Curt 5th Wheel Hitches


When it comes to Curt 5th Wheel Hitches there are 3 different options to choose from. The differences are laid out below so you can choose the hitch that best suits your needs.

FeaturesFeatures an articulating head design. The hitch head is built on a patented cast yoke that offers a stable, quiet ride, even with large 5th wheel trailers.The Q-series is designed to offer the quietest towing possible. It features a spherical axial bearing that allows the head to tilt in any direction needed to ensure a smooth ride.The E-series is designed to be a more economical option for budget-conscious customers. It operates on a dual-pivoting head with 10° of lateral movement.
Pivoting Mechanism Cast yoke with two pivot points Spherical axial bearing 10° dual-pivoting head 
Handle Operation Single-throw, self-resetting handle Short-throw, single handle Single handle 
Head Opening Extra wide, self-aligning Extra wide, self-aligning Self-aligning 
Jaw Type Dual, interlocking Dual Locking bar 
Coupling Indicator Yes Yes No 
Head Removal One-pin Two-pin Two-pin 
Sidewinder Compatible Yes (wedge required) No Yes (wedge required) 
Weight Capacity Options 16K, 20K, 25K, 30K 20K, 24K, 25K 16K 
Warranty Limited lifetime Limited lifetime Limited lifetime 


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