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Why You Should Use Mud Flaps or Mud Guards

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, truck or SUV, having mud flaps is a must. Why are mud guards so important, you may ask? These easy to install accessories deflect grime and dirt, keeping your truck clean and mud free even while driving at high speeds. Mud flaps, popularly known as splash guards or mud guards, offer great protection from many weather conditions and loose debris on the highway. While driving, your tires are constantly throwing up mud, dirt, rocks, tar, salt, water as well as other elements common on the road. All of this harmful slush, road grime as well as debris splatters onto your vehicles paint and in time can cause corrosion of the metal and damaging the paint on your truck, leading to unsightly rust to your vehicle and also its frame.

Gatorback Mud Flaps vs Molded Mud Flaps

If you have been wondering what the differences are between the Gatorback mud flaps and a standard molded mud flap, you aren’t the only one. We get asked all the time what the differences are between the two flaps. So, before we compare the two flaps directly, we will outline the main attributes of each flap.
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