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Blue Ford Oval Logo Mud Guards For 1999-2016 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty Trucks

Gatorback mud flaps feature a stylish Blue Ford Oval logo and are built to protect your Ford F350 from rocks and debris... these mud flaps are up to any task you throw at them! The Gatorback mud flaps provide the ultimate protection available in a mud flap and also match with look of your truck with Officially Licensed Logos from Ford.

BMW Recalls

Below is the list of BMW recalls. Check to see if your vehicle is involved in the latest safety recalls. This list is published by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Mud Flap Hangers

Mud Flap Hangers, Mud Flap Brackets, Mud Flap Holders no matter what you call them you need something to attach mud flaps to your truck. SharpTruck has a full line of these for you. There are custom fit brackets that are designed to fit your model of truck for the easiest installation.

Gatorback Logo Mud Flap Set For 1999-2016 Ford F350 Super Duty Truck

Are you looking to protect your Ford F350 from rocks and debris but can't find a mud flap that is up to the task or has a rugged look? The Gatorback mud flaps provide the ultimate protection from a mud flap and also match with look of your truck with Officially Licensed F350 Logos from Ford.

Gatorback Mud Flap Gold Bowtie Set - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado

If you like the look the of the Gatorback Mudflaps that have the gold bowtie but just aren’t sure of what you need for your truck? SharpTruck has come out with a complete set of flaps and brackets that include everything you will need for installation.

Ford Raptor Mudflaps

The Ford Raptor was created for the truck owner who wanted something a little different in their Ford F-150. If you wanted a standard pickup you would not be driving a Raptor or even a Ford F150 for that matter. With all the options out there what is a sure fire way to make your Raptor stand out? The Truck Hardware Gatorback mud flaps are sure to do the trick.

EcoBoost Mudflaps for a Ford F150

If you drive a Ford EcoBoost you take a special pride in your truck. There is something special about knowing you are driving a V-6 for gas mileage but have the horsepower of a V-8 when you need it. Finding branding for the EcoBoost can be difficult, there just is not a whole lot available right now.

How To Install Seat Covers | Bucket & Bench Seats

Keep the inside of your car or truck looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot with the added protection of seat covers. These easy to follow installation steps will give you a general idea of just how easy it is to add seat protection to your vehicle. Next time you spill your coffee in the morning or drop your burger at lunch, you'll be glad that you had this extra layer of protection on the interior or you ride.

Curved Light Bar vs Straight Light Bar | What's the Difference

When looking to buy a new light bar there are many things to consider. Brightness, size, brand, IP rating, beam pattern etc. One thing is for sure a light bar is not a light bar. Here we will talk about the differences and similarities between curved and straight light bars. The first thing you will probably notice is that most of the compatibles are the same. The lengths of both are usually the same, light output (lumens). They use the same mounting brackets etc. So with all of that being the same what is the difference? There are two main things, the beam pattern and appearance when mounting.

How To Install Bull Bars On Trucks & SUV's

Depending on your vehicle, installing a bull bar can require little modification with an easy installation or may require some drilling to properly fit your truck. Depending on your level of mechanical expertise, the time required to install a bull bar will vary. Read more about basic installation steps of a bull bar.

Best All Purpose Cleaner for Cars | Auto Magic Triple Seven Cleaner

There are a lot of cleaners out there that will clean your car, some work better than others. One of the over riding things about all of these cleaners whether they do a good job cleaning or not is their smell. They have a strong, unpleasant odor that will leave you looking to open your windows or get an air freshoner in your car.

Tire Dressing Side by Side Comparisons | Which is best?

SharpTruck carries different types of dressings for your vehicle. If you want a silicone dressing that will give you a long lasting shine or if you prefer a water-based dressing that will not fish eye your vehicles if there is over spray. There is an easy to use option in a can if you need a quick shine or touch up to get your vehicle looking its best.

How To Clean Out A Smelly Garbage Can

We've all experience the horrible smell that comes out of a large garbage can that has been sitting in the warm summer heat and it isn't pleasant! Here is an easy and effective way to clean that can out and eliminate the smell that is emanating from that dirty garbage can.

How to Clean Carpeting in Car, Truck or SUV

If you have had your vehicle for any amount of time and do not have some level of protection for the carpets, whether it's a floor liner, floor mat or the factory mats at some point your carpets in your vehicle will need to be cleaned and shampooed. There is a right way and wrong way to do this. If you follow the steps we lay out below you will be able to take care of your vehicles carpets with some simple tools and cleaning supplies.

What Is The Difference In Flood, Spot & Combo Beam LED Light Bars

You see many variations of LED Light Bars online today, but whats the difference in beam patterns that are available? Flood, spot & combo are common terms used by different manufactures so lets explain the differences in these types of light bars.

Tire Dressing Reviews | Auto Magic Magic Dressing

Auto Magic Magic Dressing is a silicone based dressing that works best on the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. It will make your tires look good as new, it will add new life to your plastic trim and rubber or vinyl moldings as well. It will also make the application area weather resistant. This dressing is trusted by professionals to get vehicles to like new condition.

Easy To Use Clay Bar Alternative

There is no doubt that using a clay bar on your vehicles paint is going make it look better. It does this by removing the buildup from the clear coat that standrd washing cannot. Once this contamination is removed your waxes, sealants and polishes are going to make you vehicle look even better. If you have ever used a clay bar before it can be a great tool but if you ever drop it or get and kind of dirt on it you know it has to be thrown away. If it is not thrown away it will scratch and swirl your paint, that is where the Nanoskin Auto Scrub Wash Mitt differs from the bar. If you drop the Nanoskin you simply rinse it off and you can continue to use the mitt. Since this mitt uses a rubber polymer instead of clay it will remove contamination from the surface but will not absorb it like a bar does. With this mitt you will be able to clean up to 50 vehicles. That is about $1 a wash to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Steps To Ensure Safe Towing

There are a few simple safety precautions to follow when you are towing a trailer with your truck or SUV. Many accidents that occur while towing are the result of driver error and one of the main reasons is drivers not paying close enough attention to the road, speeding or not driving within the limits of the weather conditions. High wind can cause trailers to sway and present other challenges on the road. Read the tips below to learn how to safely tow your trailer.

How To Hook Up A Trailer To Your Truck Hitch

Hooking up your trailer to your truck or SUVs trailer hitch can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Before beginning to hook up your trailer, you must be sure that the equipment that you have is correct for the job. Be sure that you have the proper hitch ball for the trailer coupler and that your trailer hitch capacity exceeds what you are towing.

What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch

If you do a lot of towing with your truck or SUV, you may have noticed how the rear of your towing vehicle sags due to the amount of tongue weight on the back of your truck from the weight of the trailer. Weigh distributing hitches help to even out this weight across the other axles making towing more safe.
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