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Slippery Surfaces

It’s that time of year in colder climates that you often find ice covered parking lots and surfaces. Most of those who have braved winters have found that firm footing is not always easy to come by and slipping and falling is a very common occurrence. According to it has been estimated that each year just under 1 million people arrive at the hospital and 17,000 people die...

Ford Raptor Mudflaps

The Ford Raptor was created for the truck owner who wanted something a little different in their Ford F-150. If you wanted a standard pickup you would not be driving a Raptor or even a Ford F150 for that matter. With all the options out there what is a sure fire way to make your Raptor stand out? The Truck Hardware Gatorback mud flaps are sure to do the trick.

How to Install Mud Flaps with Universal 12" Mud Flap Brackets

When you are looking at Installing Mud Flaps on your vehicle there are many different ways and options to do it. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to install 12" mud flaps the Truck Hardware Universal Brackets 12" Heavy Duty "L" Brackets are a great option that makes installation much easier and gives your mud guards a very secure surface to mount to. What sets these brackets apart from other universal brackets is they include an extension that will allow you secure the far side to the fender for twice the stability.

Mud Guards | Mud Flaps for a Lifted Chevrolet Silverado High Country

You are here because you either own are looking at buying a 2016 | 2017 Chevrolet Silverado High Country and you need some mud flaps or mud guards. (These flaps will fit any Chevrolet Silverado High Country, not just 2016 or 2017) You can just get some run of the mill guards that will do the job, maybe or you can can get the 12"x26" Gatorback Mud Flaps with the High Country logo.

Stainless Steel License Plate With Dodge Ram Logo

So you have your Dodge Ram all tricked out and you're looking for the finishing touch for less than $50... These license plates with officially licensed Ram MOPAR logos are just the thing for your truck! With the popularity of the Gatorback Mud Flap line, Truck Hardware decided a perfect compliment to the look of your truck was to match the quality of the Gatorback flaps with a license plate that you can use on the front of your pickup truck.

Stainless Steel License Plate With Chevy Logo

Are you looking for that final finishing touch on your Chevy Silverado, Tahoe or Suburban? These license plates with officially licensed GM logos are just the ticket for your truck! Truck Hardware has come out with these license plates that match the quality and style of the popular Gatorback Mud Flap line.

Guide to RAM | Dodge Mounting Brackets for Truck Hardware Mud Flaps

Year in and year out, Truck Hardware’s Gatorback logo mud flaps are among SharpTruck’s most popular sellers. For those looking to add branded attitude to their truck, these flaps provide a sleek, yet tough appearance. No matter where your travels lead, and no matter how you get there, Truck Hardware mud flaps are manufactured to provide top-of-the-line protection with maximum function. Whether you drive a traditional Dodge Ram, a new RAM, Laramie Longhorn or are proud of your Hemi, the selection of flaps is tailored to fit your taste.

Rubber Mud Guards For Pickup Trucks

Are you looking for good quality cheap mud guards for your light-duty pickup truck? Its hard to find a good pair of universal mud flaps now days that you don't have to pay a bunch of money for. The Razorback mud flaps from Truck Hardware are the perfect pair if you're looking for heavy-duty flaps at a low price.

Ford Super Duty Tailgate Stainless Steel|Chrome Letters

You already love your Ford Super Duty, it has the power you want it can tow whatever you have hooked up to it, there is just something missing. When you bought your truck the Super Duty letters are there on your tailgate but they just don't quite have the pop you want. The Truck Hardware Gatorgear Tailgate Letter will make your truck stand out. These are Ford Officially Licensed Stainless Steel Super Duty Letters are laser cut for a perfect fit every time.

Utah Mud Flap Laws and Requirements

Every state has different laws for driving and vehicle requirements. Below are the guidelines in regards to mud flaps for the state of Utah, from the Utah Administrative Code, effective June 1st, 2016. This is not meant to be a definitive guide. It is always recommended that you check the laws yourself.
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