How to Install Mud Flaps with Universal 12" Mud Flap Brackets

When you are looking at Installing Mud Flaps on your vehicle there are many different ways and options to do it. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to install 12" mud flaps the Truck Hardware Universal Brackets 12" Heavy Duty "L" Brackets are a great option that makes installation much easier and gives your mud guards a very secure surface to mount to. What sets these brackets apart from other universal brackets is they include an extension that will allow you secure the far side to the fender for twice the stability. 


These brackets work best with wheel wells that do not have wheel well liners. They mount to the pinch weld of the truck. If you vehicles has liners those are generally strudy enough to mount the flap to and brackets are not neccessary. 

Steps to Installing the 12" Universal Heavy Duty Mud Flap Brackets

  1. Locate the pinch weld of the truck box
  2. Line up the arm of the bracket so it is flush with the outside edge of the fender
  3. Use 1 of the self tapping screws to mount the bracket to the pinch weld
  4. Make sure that the bracket is where you want it to be. Once it is secure the second screw
  5. If you want now is the time to use the optional extension arm. This will attach to the fender of the truck, adding extra support for the outside of the mud flap
  6. With the mud flap bracket installed take the mud flap and determine the height you want it mounted
  7. Now that you have determined the height use one of the self tapping screws to secure the outside of the flap to the lip of the fender. By only using one screw right now you will be able to level out the flap and make sure that it is not crooked. 
  8. Having the height where you want it now level the flap and use a second screw in the lip of the fender
  9. Now drill a pilot hole in the flap where you want to mount the flap to the bracket on the inside of the wheel well
  10. Finally install the 3rd self tapping screw towards the bottom of the fender to help prevent the flap from sailing

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