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Why it’s Important to Wax your Vehicle

Buying a car can be a big investment, it will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life. Keeping your car clean and waxing it will protect and add life to the paint and clear coat. This will make sure your vehicle will look great longer and the paint not fade when being exposed to UV rays.

Tire Dressing Side by Side Comparisons | Which is best?

SharpTruck carries different types of dressings for your vehicle. If you want a silicone dressing that will give you a long lasting shine or if you prefer a water-based dressing that will not fish eye your vehicles if there is over spray. There is an easy to use option in a can if you need a quick shine or touch up to get your vehicle looking its best.

How to Clean Carpeting in Car, Truck or SUV

If you have had your vehicle for any amount of time and do not have some level of protection for the carpets, whether it's a floor liner, floor mat or the factory mats at some point your carpets in your vehicle will need to be cleaned and shampooed. There is a right way and wrong way to do this. If you follow the steps we lay out below you will be able to take care of your vehicles carpets with some simple tools and cleaning supplies.

Tire Dressing Reviews | Auto Magic Magic Dressing

Auto Magic Magic Dressing is a silicone based dressing that works best on the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. It will make your tires look good as new, it will add new life to your plastic trim and rubber or vinyl moldings as well. It will also make the application area weather resistant. This dressing is trusted by professionals to get vehicles to like new condition.

The Best Spray on Wheel Cleaner | Auto Magic Wheel Magic

When it comes to cars, trucks, and SUV's there is 1 universal thing they all have in common; they have wheels...... Unless you have the vehicle parked and never use it and even then sometimes the wheels and rims are going to get dirty. Just like your boots, since the wheels are what come in contact with the ground they are naturally going to pick up dirt, grime, road tar or anything else that is not clean. If there is one thing I have found is brake dust can really get baked on to rims you do not regularly clean it up. When it does come time to clean up your tires and rims you cannot find a better product then Auto Magic Wheel Magic.

How To Protect Your Truck From Rusting

When the rainy season or winter months hit, you have to protect your truck from rusting due to water, salt and other road debris. Automobile manufacturers have improved the process over the years to help prolong the finish of your truck and prevent rust, but there are a number of preventative measures that you can do, and aftermarket accessories that you can add to help keep your truck looking as good as the day you bought it.

How To Measure Mixture Ratio For Concentrated Chemicals

You've probably wondered about the proper dilution ratio when mixing a concentrated chemical for cleaning your car or truck. Whether it is wash & wax soap, glass cleaner or any other automotive cleaner or degreaser, getting the proper mixture of product is essential to using the chemical properly.

Auto Magic Awesome Gloss: One of the Best Automotive Paint Sealants Available

If you want one of the best automotive paint sealant on the market, we have just what you need. Auto Magic Awesome Gloss is a polymer based paint sealant that gives you great paint gloss enhancement of a wax and the durability of paint sealant. It can be applied to almost all automotive surfaces, vehicle clear coat, single stage, acrylic, lacquers and enamels, as well as powder coated paint services.

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