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All You Need to Know About WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats

No matter who you are, the floor of your vehicle is bound to become a mess at some point in time. If you can relate to this frequent hassel, you know how much of a challenge the cleanup can be. The experts at WeatherTech have made note of your problems and have come up with their best solutions to them. Follow along below to find out if they have the answers you’ve been looking for as we break down the WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats!

Slippery Surfaces

It’s that time of year in colder climates that you often find ice covered parking lots and surfaces. Most of those who have braved winters have found that firm footing is not always easy to come by and slipping and falling is a very common occurrence. According to it has been estimated that each year just under 1 million people arrive at the hospital and 17,000 people die...

How To Measure My Truck Bed For Tonneau Covers

Each truck make and model is different. So, if your measurement happens to be an inch or two off from the stated length below or the manufacturers specifications, don’t panic. Rounding of bed length numbers is very common, however your measurement should be within a couple inches of the stated length. After measuring your bed length, compare to the following table below to see how it matches up in order to find which bed length you have on your truck.

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