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2015 Black Friday through Cyber Monday Deals

As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, SharpTruck looks forward to celebrating the season with three Black Friday deals tailor-made to help you trick out your truck for the holidays. Not buying for yourself? No problem! These promotions are centered on some of our most popular products, giving you the chance to wrap up and give the ‘best of our best’ this Christmas.

Putco Boss Locker Bed Rails: An elite no-drill tie-down solution

Are you the type of pickup driver that’s seemingly always hauling something from Point A to Point B in your truck bed? If so, there’s no better feeling than having a vehicle that’s fully equipped to secure any load at any time. For the ultimate hauler, the Putco Boss Locker Bed Rails create extreme tie down strength and add an aura toughness to your Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, GMC Sierra, or whatever vehicle you trust to take on your next load.

BedRug: Plush Toughness for Your Truck Bed

BedRug is changing the way truck beds are used with the innovative, unique BedRug Complete Truck Bed Liner. Featuring the look and feel of carpet, BedRug is a polypropylene product that protects your truck bed and items inside from impact dings and damage like never before.
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