Blog posts of '2018' 'October'

How Do I Calculate My Truck's Towing Capacity

With so many different trucks available today and every one is capable of towing a different amount of weight, how do you calculate your trucks towing capacity? You never want to tow more than your trucks maximum capacity for the safety of you and other drivers on the road. Many of us truck owners don't know the proper way to figure out our safe load limits of our pickup trucks. Here are some items to get familiar with when you're ready for your next towing job.

How do I Prepare my Vehicle for Winter?

What have I learned from living in North Dakota for many years? I've learned that winter is cold and my vehicle needs to be prepared! This is not only the case for us in North Dakota, but anyone in the upper part the United States. Just like people need jackets, stocking hats, and gloves, vehicles need to be prepared too. So, what do I do in preparation in months leading up to the cold winter weather? Follow along below as I give you my 5 steps to preparing your car or truck for colder weather!
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