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Auto Detailing 101 Auto Magic Interior Car and Truck Cleaning, Pt. 2

As discussed in part one of this interior cleaning article, Auto Magic has a deep line of products specially formulated to keep the clean freak’s truck or SUV spotless and sparkling inside and out. Whether you’re devoted to a Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, RAM, or GMC Sierra, Auto Magic carries a universally powerful line of interior cleaning solutions. On the farm, at the construction site, or in the field, Auto Magic is committed to providing a safe, effective solution to preserve the look of your truck no matter how dirty your job is.

Auto Detailing 101: Auto Magic Interior Car and Truck Cleaning, Pt. 1

It’s just not easy. No matter hard you try, maintaining a spotless interior for your truck or SUV is virtually impossible. This is true whether you are a farmer, construction worker, spend time outdoors or parent who is always on the go and often more focused on the kids or the job instead of worrying about muddy boots, spills, and messes that are ruining the vehicle’s interior.

Auto Detailing 101: Auto Magic Spring Cleaning

When it comes to keeping the exterior of your favorite pickup truck in tip-top condition, one of the biggest challenges can be to keep your vehicle free of any significant scratches or stains. Driving and general use of your vehicle leads to stains, smears, caked on mud and dirt. How can you get your exterior and interior back to mint condition?

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