Blog posts of '2017' 'January'

Getting Your Car Ready to Store Outside

Storing your car outdoors for an extended amount of time can really take toll on the vehicle unless you take the proper precautions. Like anything that is outside and exposed to the elements, inactivity and the sun’s harmful UV rays you car will not be in as good of shape as when you left it. By taking a few simply steps you can protect your car so it looks and runs as good as the day you stored it.

Gatorback Z71 Mud Flaps For Silverado & Sierra Trucks

If you're like me and want to keep rocks from chipping the paint on your new Chevy or GMC truck, these awesome Gatorback Mud Flaps are the best on the market for keeping your trucks showroom new look after putting miles on the road.  Not only are these mud flaps an essential for protecting your truck, these new "Z71" logos which are Officially Licensed by General Motors will match the look of your Z71 packaged truck to give you style and class that most other trucks can't match on the road.

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