Utah Mud Flap Laws and Requirements

Every state has different laws for driving and vehicle requirements. Below are the guidelines in regards to mud flaps for the state of Utah, from the Utah Administrative Code, effective June 1st, 2016. This is not meant to be a definitive guide. It is always recommended that you check the laws yourself.

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Here is the Utah DMV Contact information - http://dmv.utah.gov/contact

Salt Lake City Area: (801) 297-7780
Toll Free: 1-800-DMV-UTAH (800-368-8824)
Telephone Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

R714. Public Safety, Highway Patrol
Rule R714-160. Equipment Standards for Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Safety Inspections.

R714-160-3. Inspection Procedures.

Inspection of Lifted Vehicles.

  • Inspect for mud flaps. They must cover full width and top 50% of tire.

Inspection of Lowered Vehicles.

  • Inspect for mud flaps, when required. They must cover full width of tire.

R714-160-6. Tires and Wheels

G. Tire size, tire width, fenders and mudflaps.

(2) Check that fenders and mudflaps are in place when required.

(a) Reject when:

(iv) Rear tires do not have the top 50% of the tire covered by mudflaps, fenders or the vehicle body construction.

(v) Rear mudflaps are not directly aligned with the tire and at least as wide as the tire.

(vi) Tires make contact with any other vehicle parts or accessories.

(vii) Fender flares or mud flaps are not made of durable material.

(viii) Fender flares or mud flaps are not secured properly.

(b) Mud flaps are required on any vehicle modified from original OEM specifications. This includes larger tires or any alterations to the frame or suspension. Any tire size that was available as an option from the manufacturer is accepted as OEM equipment.

(c) A mud flap is not required if:

(i) the motor vehicle is designed and constructed so that the requirements are accomplished by means of fenders, or body construction.

R714-160-9. Altered Vehicles.

A. Lowering Vehicle

(1) All replacement parts and equipment shall be equal to or greater in strength and durability as OEM parts.

(a) Reject when:

(i) Chassis or suspension components are less than three inches above the ground, excluding tires, rims or mudflaps.

B. Raising Vehicles.

(6) Check the mudflaps when vehicle has been altered. Mudflaps are required on the rear wheels of all vehicles that are altered from their original OEM specifications. This includes the addition of larger tires and suspension lift kits.

(a) Reject when:

(i) Fenders do not cover the top 50% of the tire.

(ii) Mudflaps are not present when required.

(ii) Rear mudflaps are not directly aligned with the tire and at least as wide as the tire.


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