How To Install An AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector

The AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector is an excellent choice for keeping rock chips from forming on your hood. These hood shields are the lowest-profile available and are resistant to wear-and-tear as well as being car wash safe!  So, how do I install my AVS Aeroskin bug shield you may ask? Installing an AVS Aeroskin is easy and can usually be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.  In this article, we will review the basic steps to have you on the way to protecting your vehicle.

  1. The first step in installing your Aeroskin is to remove it from the packaging and dry fit it onto your hood to ensure that it is the proper contour and matches your car, truck or SUV correctly. Once you’ve verified the fitment, wash the hood of your vehicle down with soap and water to remove any dirt, bugs or other debris that may affect the application of the hood protector.
  2. The next step before installing your Aeroskin is to wipe down the clean hood surface with the included alcohol wipes. When doing this, make sure to go over the areas where the tape will be applied to the hood. This step helps eliminate any problems down the road from your shield not sticking to your hood properly.
  3. Now that your hood is properly prepped, partially remove the backing on all the adhesive strips.  Pull them out slightly at a 90 degree angle so that you can remove them later. Carefully align the shield onto your hood to line up with the edges and contours properly.  Start in the middle and work your way to the outside edges by removing the backing tape and applying pressure to the shield and pressing it into place.

And there you have it! With just a few simple steps, the AVS Aeroskin is one of the easiest shields to install and it will provide your vehicle with years of protection.  You can find an Aeroskin custom fit for your ride here at!

Below are a few installation videos that will help demonstrate how quick and easy installing an AVS Aeroskin is:

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