Battery Charger For Cars & Trucks

Don't get left in the cold when your battery doesn't have enough cranking AMPs to start your vehicle... buy a battery charger here at SharpTruck. There are a variety of different battery chargers available on the market today, but what is the major differences? Car batteries hold significantly more energy than ATV batteries, so knowing what charger is correct for your battery is essential.


What is CCA on battery?

All batteries have a standard measurement of cranking power - this term is cold cranking AMPs (CCA). Cold cranking AMPs refers to the amount of energy output from your vehicles battery when tested at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally speaking, the higher the cold cranking AMPs, the better the battery. Charging the batteries correctly and to a full charge is necessary to get the maximum CCA out of your battery. The amount of charge time required to get your battery to full charge varies greatly from battery to battery and between all the different chargers available online today.

What is a Trickle-Charger?

A trickle-charger is a battery maintainer. If you have a battery that won't be in use for an extended period of time, you can hook up a battery maintainer to your car or truck battery and it will maintain a full charge keeping your battery in top condition and also ensuring the longevity of the battery.

Does jump starting ruin your battery?

Jump starting a car battery with a battery charger is much the same as using jumper cables. The two items are simply transferring power from one another. Jump starting won't cause any damage to your battery as long as it is done properly. Crossing the positive and negative terminals can cause extreme damage especially in todays cars with complex computer controlled systems.

How big of a battery charger do I need?

There are many variables that go into the needed/desired size of charger that you will need. Knowing what the range of items you want to maintain is the first step in determining what kind of charger you will need. Do you need a long term maintainer or a high capacity jump starter? The length of the cables that are attached to the charger are also a good item to check when searching for the perfect charger. We always suggest getting longer cables since the charger will be more versatile then.

Choosing the perfect battery charger for your car, truck or SUV can be a process, but knowing a little about the desired use will help you find the best fit for your needs.

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