Cheap Truck Mud Flaps - High Quality Razorback Mud Flaps

Are you looking to save a few bucks on mud flaps but also what the protection that heavier duty mud guards provide? Then the answer for you is the Razorback series of mud flaps from Truck Hardware.  Most mud flaps in this price range feel cheap, but these durable rubber mats are 12" wide by 22" long and made of premium 1/2" thick rubber that rival that of their big brother, the Gatorback series of flaps.


Protection from rocks and debris is a must when you spend your hard earned cash on a new truck and a car wash.  Adding these flaps is a breeze since they are universal fit and install inside of the wheel wells with self tapping screws.  The Razorbacks feature an imbedded stainless steel plate that helps to prevent sailing and adds that splash of shine to match your truck.  Since every truck is different, you may have to modify your installation accordingly.  The extra money that you save from getting a great pair of mud flaps like these will be appreciated when you look for that next must have truck accessory.

We have these mud guards in stock and ready to ship, so pick up a pair of Razorback mud flaps here at!

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