Du-Ha Humpstor: Safe, practical truck bed storage

Du-Ha Humpstor: Safe, practical truck bed storage

Do you have small tools and equipment that constantly slide and roll around your truck bed? How easy is it to find items back there? Is stuff frequently buried in the back of your Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado?

The Du-Ha Humpstor is an all-in-one unit that safely and securely stores tools, guns, fragile equipment, jumper cables, and anything you desire to keep clean, safe, and/or organized. Better yet, the Du-Ha Humpstor fits above the wheel well of full-size pickup truck beds, putting normally wasted space to excellent use.

Hunters on a quest for duck, geese, pheasant, or deer find the Humpstor to be a dependable companion in the field. When hunting, it is easily capable of storing two shotguns or one rifle when scopes are in an upright position. The above-the-well location makes it easy to get in and out of your vehicle while maintaining quick, easy access to your firearm.

Guns are just one of many valuable items you may want to secure in your Du-Ha Humpstor. No longer do your most pricey belongings have to stay exclusively locked inside the cab. Construction equipment, field gear, and other items related to your occupation or favorite hobby can be stored AND secured with lockable latches to prevent theft.

It’s a strong, sturdy solution for any truck owner... Countryside adventurers, urban laborers, and everything in between. No matter what you use your truck for, Du-Ha literally helps you pull practical storage space out of thin air.


Brackets are included with every SharpTruck Du-Ha Humpstor order. The brackets allow for easy installation as they clamp to the lip of the bed rail and can be adjusted up or down to fit a desired height under tonneau and roll-up covers. It also comes with an organizer/gun rack set.

How secure are belongings in your truck bed? Du-Ha teams with SharpTruck to provide a solution that perfectly suits your need for safe exterior storage. Our customer service experts at SharpTruck are available to answer your questions. Reach out to someone on our experienced team at (800) 218-0609.

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