Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Bucket Dolly

The 5 Gallon Bucket Dolly on SharpTruck.com has made moving a heavy 5 gallon bucket easy and will help reduce the risk of hurting yourself from picking up a full pail and moving it around. If you have tried to lug around a 5 gallon pail it can really be no easy task. A fully filled bucket of water can weigh 40 pounds and when you are carrying the bucket it can slosh all over, getting you wet and dirty. That won't happen with this caddy.  You will be able to role your pail wherever you need it.


This heavy duty 5-gallon bucket caddy has 5 smooth rolling wheels with two of them that lock. This will ensure that the bucket won't roll away from you when you are using it on or near any sort of slope. It will work with any shape of 5-gallon bucket, and will lock in tight with screws.

Grit Guard Bucket DollyNow you might be thinking that since this 5 gallon bucket cart is made from plastic it is fragile and won't hold up well. That could not be further from the truth, this is pretty much the last 5 gallon bucket on wheels you will ever have to buy. The dolly is rated to hold 250 pounds, that means it could hold the equivalent of 6 completely full 5 gallon pails. You could roll around a pail full of concrete or sand and still not even come close to the weight limit of this dolly.

If you aren't using the dolly to wash your vehicle, put a lid on the bucket and use it as detailing chair to easily roll where you need go while you are still sitting. This bucket dolly has 360 degree turning capability, so you can have unlimited control and maneuverability. That will help keep you back or knees from getting sore since you won’t have to bend or slouch over.


There are another 100 ways you could use this dolly.

  • When you aren't washing your car secure an empty pail in the dolly and store garden tools in there.
  • Use the dolly to roll heavy pails to there you need them instead of lugging them around.
  • When you are using the bucket dolly with the 5 gallon bucket and tool apron and create a mobile toolbox to pull around the work site
  • If you are professional or commercial painter and need to roll your paint with you, strap the 5 gallon pail of paint and this will be more the up to the job.
  • Add a strap/rope onto the dolly and you can pull around whatever you have loaded up.


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