Hi-Tech Vinyl & Leather Cleaning Brush Tool For Seats

Are you having trouble getting the dirt and grime out of your leather or vinyl surfaces of your car or truck? This great tool works in conjunction with mild soap and water, or specific seat cleaners, to help loosen and clean those tricky surfaces of your vehicle.

Hi-Tech Vinyl & Leather Cleaning Brush Tool For Seats

The VLB-1 brush from Hi-Tech is designed for easy use and is designed to get into those hard to reach areas to quickly clean your leather or vinyl seats. Use with a high-quality vinyl and leather cleaner to do quick work in removing dirt, grime and oils from the surface of your car seats. This is also a great tool to use on your boat, motorcyle or other off-road use vehicles to maintain a clean, show-room ready look. Apply cleaning agent to the surface you wish to clean and adgitate the area using a jitterbug motion to break the dirt away from the surface. Wipe treated area with a clean microfiber towel when done.

Cleaning and maintaining the look of your vehicles seats doesn't have to be a major undertaking. When you perform a regularly scheduled cleaning and conditioning of your car or trucks leather seats, keeping a showroom shine is no problem. Leather surfaces are porous and are prone to attracting dirt and oils, but regular maintenance with a cleaner, agitating with a brush, like the Hi-Tech VLB-1, are easy steps that take less than 30 minutes to ensure a great looking vehicle. It is essential to finish your cleaning with a leather conditioner to replenish the moisture that is removed during the cleaning process. If this isn't done regularly, you're seats can become dried out and lead to pre-mature cracking or wear.

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