How to Clean Water Milfoil Off You Boat

How to Clean Water Milfoil Off You Boat

If you are taking your boat to diferent lakes or body's of water you have heard of or at the least should have heard about invasive species and the importance of cleaning off your boat to prevent the spread of these species. Having clean water availabe to you when you get your boat out of the water sometimes isn't what you are thinking about when you are getting everything packed up and ready to go for the day. Who thinks about having something to clean your boat at the end of use? Thre are jus tto many otherthing to remember.

Well the RoadShower is able to take that out of your thought process. You can keep this attached to the top of your vehicle, mount it inside your boat or pontoon, or have it in the bed of your truck. This tank is 5 gallons so it is large enough to wash up whatever size boat but not so big as it takes up too much space. It is a very easy solution to help you enjoy your outdoor activities more.

Not only is it good for washing up a boat or pontoon there are many tradional uses for it:

RoadShower Uses:

  • Clean Up Kayaks and Paddleboards
  • Wash up tubes, water ski, kneww boards or any other water toy that could have an invasive species on it.
  • You can use it as a portable fish cleaning station. If you have a flat hard surface to clean the fish, you will now always have water to wash them up.

Out of the Box ways to use the RoadShower:

  • Portable Bartender/Drink Dispensor - You can fill it with ice and your favorite drink and have 5 gallons of fun for a whole party worth of people
  • Have it in the back of your pickup or trailer to clean game. If you are hunting in warm weather you want to get your meat on ice as fast as possible, getting it clean and washed up fast will go a long ways to perserving it.

The possibilities with this are really endless with the RoadShower. See what else SharpTruck has to offer.

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