How Long Does It Take To Install a Tonneau Cover

One of the most popular pickup truck accessories people purchase for their ride is the tonneau cover (also known as a truck bed cover).  Where your truck is a work vehicle or one you use for hauling your boat or other leisure activities, no truck is really complete unless it's outfitted with a tonneau cover.

It will typically take around 30 minutes to install most tonneau covers.


We're guessing you're here because you're about to purchase that tonneau cover of your dreams and need to know how long it takes to install the tonneau cover you're about to throw down for.  You know you want one, but you don't want to be out in the garage for half of a day trying to install your new truck accessory.

The good news is that most tonneau covers can be installed in around 30 minutes.  The painless installation process is partly due to the fact that when you order your roll-up tonneau cover or tilt-up tonneau cover, it will be custom-fit to your vehicle.

Typically a roll up tonneau cover will be a little quicker to install since it is easier to handle, however we're only talking a few minutes here so don't let the installation process deter you from installing the tonneau of your dreams.

Tonneau Covers Installation Steps

  1. The first step for installing your tonneau cover is to actually purchase a tonneau cover that best fits your needs.

  2. Once your tonneau cover is delevered, you'll want to attach the rails that came with it to your bed.  This is usually very straight forward, however if you're using an over-the-bed rail liner you may have to cut notches in it for the clamps.

  3. Ensure the tonneau cover's rails are perfectly aligned and then go around and tighten all of the mounting brackets until the rails are loosely held in place.  Don't over tighten at this point.  Once the rails are held in place, verify the alignment and then fully-tighten all mounting hardware brackets.

  4. Optionally install any tonneau cover cab or tailgate seals if you ordered them.

  5. Now it's the fun part.  Carefully set the top of the tonneau on the rails and verify that it sits evenly along the entire perimeter of your truck bed.  If it is off, don't force anything.  Remove the top and verify your alignment - adjust as necessary.

  6. Inspection time - take a close look around your installation looking for gaps, bulging and bubbles.  If your new tonneau isn't flush on the gasket make the necessary adjustment to the rail positioning.

  7. If you ordered drainage tubes with your tonneau, connect them at this time and route them to the corners of the truck bed.

So what are you waiting for?  Browse our large selection of tonneau covers now.

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