How to clean up vomit in my car and other places

Well, it finally happened……someone threw up in your car. When this happens, it can add insult to injury. The smell of vomit by itself is gag inducing but then you put it inside a vehicle cab and it is almost too much. It is very important that this gets cleaned up thoroughly or the smell might linger indefinitely. Luckily in a few simple steps you can have this cleaned up quickly.

So once the deed is done its best to get everything ready you will need. The faster you clean it up the easier it will be and the less the smell will linger.

  1. Get your supplies together.
    1. A couple of grocery sacks or small garbage bags
    2. Paper towels
    3. 2 – cloth rags at least
    4. A scraper or stiff flat object
    5. Rubber gloves
    6. All purpose cleaner – Auto Magic Triple Seven or Auto Magic Special Cleaner both great choice
    7. Auto Magic Enzyme Pre Spot (Optional)
    8. Wet/Dry Vac (optional)
  2. Now that you have everything you need you start the clean up. Use the scraper to remove all the solid matter (yuck). Use one of the bags to hold this.
  3. Once you have the big stuff cleaned up use some paper towels to blot the area as dry as you can. Don’t scrub at this point, you will just work the liquid you want to remove further into the upholstery. Once you have it pretty dry, throw the paper towels in the bag, tie it shut and throw it away.
  4. Now if you have a pre spot cleaner spray the whole area down and let the cleaner do it job. The Auto Magic Pre Spot is designed for messes like this. It will break down organic stains and smells. You can work this into the upholstery a little bit with one of the rags since it will help remove any odors or stains.
  5. Just for good measure I then use one of the all purpose cleaners too. I give it a good spray and get the area damp.
  6. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then use the 2nd rag to dry the area. You can then go over it with the vacuum as well for good measure.

I have three small children so I have cleaned up my fair share of vomit in many different spots. Cleaning up the mess this way has by far given me the best results. The biggest difference was the prespot. This helped eliminate the odor and remove any stains.

Another very important thing to do make sure you clean this up as soon as you can. The longer you let the mess sit and soak in the harder it will be to get clean and remove the odors. There is nothing worse than getting in your car on a hot day and getting a whiff of the mess that wasn’t cleaned up well enough a few weeks earlier.

Hopefully this is helpful

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