Standard Install Instructions for the 12”x23” Truck Hardware Gatorback Mud Flaps

Here are the basic installation instructions for mounting the 12”x23” moon cut flaps to your truck without brackets. This is a non-vehicle specific guide, so there might be a few differences between models. If you are installing flaps on a Ford truck here is a quick rundown of the brackets needed for a proper installation.


The manufacturer is not responsible for negligent use of vehicle with mud flaps installed, including over-tightening of screws and bolts causing damage to vehicle or mud flaps.


  • ½” or 3/8” drill
  • 3/8” Socket Driver


  • 8 - Tek Screw, ¼” x 1”
  • 8 - Flat Washer
  • 1 - Set Mud Flaps, drivers side & passengers side


For ease of installation, it is suggested that the wheel be removed.

  1. Before you install your Gatorback Mud Flaps, see the parts list for all necessary parts. Start on the driver's side.
  2. Square the flap with the tire while putting pressure against the wheel well with the required height. The outside edge of the flap should be ½” past the wheel well.
  3. Now fasten the flap with four washers and four tek screws. (Tip: Start with the top screw, this will allow you adjust the flap as needed)
  4. Repeat procedure for the passenger side. Recheck all fasteners for tightness.

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