What is the purpose of a bug deflector?

What is the purpose of a bug deflector

A bug deflector does what its name says... It deflects bugs and other debris from your hood and windshield, providing extra protection for your truck or SUV. Bug shields deflect airflow up slightly from the hood surface. This pushes most bugs, rocks, and debris up and away from your windshield. Along with deflecting bugs, bug shields also protect the leading edge of your hood from rock chips and other road obstructions that might fly up at you on your way down the road.

What Options are Available for Bug Deflectors?

There are a lot of bug deflectors available online, but at SharpTruck we carry the most durable, dependable options on the market. Bug deflectors are generally available in a smoke or chrome finish. The form and fit varies depending on the product, but many people prefer the lower-profile fit opposed to the original vertical shield look. No single bug deflector is created equal, the top brands spend countless hours of testing to get the proper aerodynamic design to move debris away from your vehicle. No one hood protector will work the same on every truck. Because of the variations in body styles, the angle and fit to the vehicle is one of the most important aspects in the design to get enough airflow away from the hood and windshield area and in turn make the bug deflector effective.


Are Bug Deflectors Easy to Install?

Most shields are manufactured to use existing holes from the factory to eliminate the need to drill into your vehicle. Installation is relatively easy and instructions are always provided when your order arrives at the door. Some hood protectors like the AVS AeroSkin install directly to the hood of your truck or SUV with 3M automotive grade tape. Others use the pre-existing factory holes or special clips to attach the shield to the inside of the hood.

Do Bug Deflectors protect against large rock chips?

No. Although bug deflectors will help to prevent small hood chips, it is near impossible for a larger rock to be deflected enough by the air flow off of a bug shield and not cause a windshield chip.


What Bug Deflector Brands are the best to buy?

SharpTruck provides you great value on reputable shields made by AVS, Putco, Stampede & WeatherTech and more. We have many of the most popular fitments that work perfectly with your Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra or whatever brand of truck or SUV you drive! Bug shields and hood deflectors are a cheap and easy way to accessorize your ride and provide you with piece of mind that you have an extra layer of protection leading your truck down the road.

Here are all the Bug Deflectors SharpTruck has to offer

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