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LED: Brilliant lighting for your truck

What type of night driving do you typically do? Is your current lighting providing full security in seeing the road or trail ahead? Whether you have a long work commute, enjoy nighttime off-roading, or simply like to be out and about, SharpTruck’s LED lighting options add function and flair to your favorite pickup truck, SUV or ATV.

Accessories to maximize your truck's LED

You've selected your favorite LED light and you're itching to get it mounted to enhance your ride. Before this happens, it's important to know which accessories could make your new lighting set-up operate at its brightest and best.

Street Legal LED Lighting

Brilliant, efficient, and virtually everlasting, LED driving lights have revolutionized the way you hit the road after the sun goes down. While many LED lights have been created strictly for off-road purposes, there is also an abundance of approved, street legal LED options for your vehicle. At, we take pride in offering exceptional LED quality that is tested and approved for wherever you go with your Chevy Silverado, Ford F-

Fender Flares: Where Protection and Personality Meet

Do you consider yourself a 'high profile' driver? Do you love that personality edge that comes with cruising on offset or oversized wheels? If you are and you haven't discovered fender flares, you've likely realized how rocks and debris can create damage, quickly throwing a wet blanket on all that confidence. It's time to fight back and preserve your precious investment. Simply defined, fender flares are an extension of the fenders that provide additional protection for vehicles with offset or oversized wheels and tires.

Off-Road Spotlights and Flood Lights

If you're a frequent off-road driver, you know the following truth: When it's time to go off the pavement, extra lighting is a necessity. The original set-up usually won't get the job done. Whether you drive a truck, Jeep, or SUV, SharpTruck offers illuminating options for spot and flood lights. Driving an ATV, Ranger, or motorcycle? We can help with that, too. Both spot and flood lighting is made to aid your next off-road adventure, but they do have their differences.

Floor mats and floor liners: What’s the difference?

We’ve all had it happen: A nasty spill on our vehicle’s floor. A hazardous bump in the road, sharp turn, an abrupt stop, or simple clumsiness can be one of many culprits. Spills are frustrating, but when they happens in your new F150, Silverado, or Dodge Ram, it hurts just a little more… unless you’re equipped with a quality floor mat or liner.

Du-Ha Humpstor: Safe, practical truck bed storage

Du-Ha Humpstor: Safe, practical truck bed storage Do you have small tools and equipment that constantly slide and roll around your truck bed? How easy is it to find items back there? Is stuff frequently buried in the back of your Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado? The Du-Ha Humpstor is an all-in-one unit that safely and securely stores tools, guns, fragile equipment, jumper cables, and anything you desire to keep clean, safe, and/or organized. Better yet, the Du-Ha Humpstor fits above the wheel well of full-size pickup truck beds, putting normally wasted space to excellent use.

Du-Ha Storage: Top-notch interior truck organization

Is your rear seating area a welcoming environment for passengers? Do tools and equipment have to be bulldozed to one side or the other to clear seating space? Do you always find yourself scrambling to tidy the floor before family or friends hop into your Chevy Silverado or Ford F150? The rear seat storage solution designed by Du-Ha is made to fit Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Nissan and Toyota trucks. It’s a must-have for contractors, construction workers, sportsmen, busy parents, and beyond.

Cheap Truck Mud Flaps - High Quality Razorback Mud Flaps

Are you looking to save a few bucks on mud flaps but also what the protection that heavier duty mud guards provide? Then the answer for you is the Razorback series of mud flaps from Truck Hardware. Most mud flaps in this price range feel cheap, but these durable rubber mats are 12" wide by 22" long and made of premium 1/2" thick rubber that rival that of their big brother, the Gatorback series of flaps.

What Size Trailer Hitch Ball Do I Need For My Trailer

Are you ready to tow you trailer out on your next big trip? An essential component for towing is knowing what the correct trailer hitch ball is for your coupler. A hitch ball is bolted onto your trailer hitch ball mount and provides the connection from your truck to your trailers coupler. The ball allows your trailer to turn freely while towing and are available in a variety of diameters, weight capacities and lengths to ensure a proper and secure fit to your vehicle.

The Viking 2200 EX Air Dryer is Best Air Mover Carpet Dryer

If you need a carpet dryer hopefully it is because you are cleaning the carpet in your home or vehicles. If not maybe you got water in your home because of a flood, heavy rain, plugged drain, the list can go on and on for needing an air mover carpet dryer. This is something you usually don't plan on needing but when you do need it you don't want to do a whole lot of research on it. You want something that is simple, will blow air around and dry out what is wet.

Polished Stainless Steel License Plate | Mirror Finish

There are very things that are standard on all vehicles, whether it is a pick up, car or SUV they all have a spot for a license plate. If you are someone who likes to fit in with the crowd and not have something that is different, well stop reading. If you want your vehicle to really look great you will love the Truck Hardware Gatorgear License Plates. They are made from cold formed 304 stainless steel and polished to a high mirrored shine. There is really no way to miss them. There are 25 different styles to choose from, whether you want the Ford Oval, Laramie Longhorn logo or are a High Country owner. All of the logos are officially licensed which means that they will match perfectly to the badging that is on your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Seat Cover Protection For Trucks

Are you an avid hunter or want to add some quick protection to your truck from your family pet? Then the Aries Seat Defender is the perfect seat cover for your truck. The Aries Seat Defender is a heavy-duty slip on seat cover that protects the bench and backrest of your pickups seating area.

Need LED Light Bars?? SharpTruck has you covered

As LED lighting technology continues to evolve, so do LED light bar product offerings available through With its brilliant, dependable beams in a variety of patterns, LED light bars are available in different sizes and styles to fit virtually any Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, RAM, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, or whatever truck you rely on to get the job done.

Time to Get Tough: A Primer on Grille Guards, Bull Bars, and Push Bars

In 2010, Wyoming Tech surveyed nearly 20,000 collisions to determine the answer to this question. Not surprisingly, the two most common areas of damage were to the front bumper and headlights, respectively. The grille finished fourth on that list. Featuring heavy-duty protection for your vehicle’s often-vulnerable front end, grille guards, bull bars, and push bars are among the most return-on-investment focused accessories available for your truck or SUV.

Du-Ha Interior Storage System Installation: Five Simple Steps

The Du-Ha Interior Storage System is an excellent way to maximize the underutilized space beneath the seats of your truck. 

For the handyman or construction professional, it means no more tools and supplies rolling around the backseat with each brake and acceleration. For the farmer or rancher, it means more enclosed space to contain gear that may otherwise cause cause dust and dirt to accumulate on your floor or seats. For the hunter, fisherman, or general sportsman, it’s a way to create enclosed space to keep your ‘weekend’ gear from having constantly move in and out of the truck.

The Du-Ha neatly stores everything you need and keeps it securely in place, without compromising accessibility. With custom-fit units for most trucks, including Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Ram, Nissan, Toyota and Honda, this storage system makes the truck you already love even better.

How to install your Du-Ha storage system

Installation of the Du-Ha Storage System is basic, quick and does not require any tools.  Because each model is custom-fit to your truck, the anchor to which the Du-Ha is tethered will vary. Regardless of whether there is a dedicated bracket, you will be able to use the Du-Ha straps to securely fasten the storage system under your seat. From start to finish, installation requires five relatively simple steps:

  1. With seat lifted up, place the Du-Ha storage system on floor with the shorter side at the back of the seat.
  2. Run the strap through the hole at the back of the Du-Ha, fasten to metal loop on seat brace and tighten using the strap buckle.
  3. Repeat the strap fastening process (Step 2) on the other side.
  4. Insert the organizational dividers.
  5. Fold seats down.

Installation of the Du-Ha can be done in minutes, and whether it’s tools, guns or just stuff, you can safely store and secure it all for as long as you own your truck.

SharpTruck’s team of truck enthusiasts understand there’s no better feeling than driving a clean, organized truck. If you have questions about which interior storage solutions, such as Du-Ha, are right for your truck, reach our customer service experts at (800) 218-0609 or email,

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